Fidesz is building, the left is selling everything!

Here are 8 more amazing projects! Only those who do not even want to see reality do not notice the development!

Fidesz is building, the left is selling everything!

👉What is the left doing? Here are 4 examples!

And now let's look at today's country-building list:

Ipolydamásd: a new bridge is being built
Bence Rétváriwrote: It is a rare experience to see a new bridge under construction. Everyone at Ipolydamásd now
you can check it out. Hungary must go forward, not backward!
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Győr-Pannonhalma: the bike path is ready
The works have been completed and the cycle path built between the settlements of Kisalföld has been officially handed over. Thanks to the development, some of the settlements south of Győr will be safer to reach by bicycle, and tourists cycling will be able to access the Pannonhalma World Heritage more comfortably than before.
The development of the cycling route was carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, in the investment of NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. The construction was carried out by Colas Út Építőipari Zrt., With a net value of HUF 1.8 billion. The investment was implemented within the framework of the Modern Cities Program (MVP), from domestic financing.

Rábapatona: the health home has been renewed
Gyopáros Alpárwrote: Rábapatona is developing very fast, now the health house has been renewed!
Thanks to the support of the Hungarian Village Program, the order of general practitioners, dentists and nurses is now operating under worthy conditions.
Congratulations to Mayor Béla Molnár-Nagy and his team!
Keep it up, Rábapatona!

Kunmadaras: the new production hall is ready
Local producers were given a new hall at the Kunmadaras market. The building is 200 square meters. The vendors used to sell their belongings under the open sky.

Sad: the school has been renewed
Paul Völnerwrote: Children can study and work in a more beautiful and modern building at the Imre Kézdi Primary School in Kézdi-Vásárhely. For decades, there have not been as many school renovations in the country as have taken place or started in the last few years, for example in Somor with the government support of the Hungarian Village Program, but the Tatabánya Tanker Center also made a significant contribution.
Our common goal is for children to get everything they need to be the winners of the future!

Esztergom: new dual vocational training center
The Danube Bend is enriched with multi-billion dollar developments
Organized environment for locals and hikers: doctor's offices, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, sports fields, roads, bridges, excursion sites were renovated and built thanks to government support
Two years ago, a ministerial decision was made to provide significant resources for the creation of a dual training site for renewable vocational training, the development of tools and the establishment of a sectoral training center. Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics has appointed Esztergom as his venue. In the Kisfaludy program, the city received HUF 410 million for the construction of the center. We learned from Ádám Hernádi that the vocational training center in Esztergom received the building of the Bath Hotel and the old steam bath for property management.
A classroom, a hotel, a kitchen and a confectionery will be set up here. The new 4-star Studiolo Boutique Hotel will have 21 double rooms. Graffiti still adorns the interior partitions today, but not for long: the entire façade of the building has been renewed and completed with the horizontal insulation of the building. New doors and windows will be installed soon, and all the work can be done within weeks. The inscription Szent István Városi Strandfürdő és Hotel will soon be returned to the main facade, which was an express request of the people of Esztergom.

Jánosháza: the school was renewed
V. Zsolt Némethwrote: The school was renovated in Jánosháza!
Hungary is our first!

Túrkeve: a new kindergarten was built
F. Sándor Kovácswrote: Our children deserve the best!
Yesterday we handed over the new 75-seat Smiling Kindergarten, which is a major milestone in the life of the Reformed Parish of Túrkeve and the Reformed Diocese of Nagykunság. The high-quality, modern facility, built from about HUF 250 million, will be of great help to families with children in and around Túrkeve. Congratulations!

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