Improvements instead of promises!

Europe's largest intermodal center is being built in Fényeslit!

Improvements instead of promises!

HUF 22 billion investment, 400 new jobs in Szabolcs county! Not in Frankfurt, not in Paris, not in Brussels, but in Fényeslitke, Szabolcs county!

Dr. Miklós Sesztákwrote: "Europe 's largest intermodal center is being built in Fényeslit!
The East-West Gate railway terminal is an important key element in the country’s logistics and economic development in the region.
It feels great to see that this unparalleled investment is being made here in our region, with astonishing precision and speed! "

Following the purchase of the 125-hectare site, construction began on the East-West Gate (EWG) intermodal combined terminal in Fényeslitke in February. EWG will be the first green technology-based intermodal terminal based on rail technology to use its own 5G network, and will be the largest of its kind on the continent in terms of theoretical capacity and area. The terminal will be able to handle up to 1 million 20-foot containers (TEUs) per year. During its commissioning, 15,000 square meters of warehouse space will serve customers. The Hungarian state provided HUF 2.95 billion in job creation support for the HUF 22 billion investment. With the EWG terminal, Hungary can be an active participant in the continental traffic of the New Silk Road between China and Europe, and new opportunities will open up for exports to China. Compared to our transit revenues, government support will be negligible and a very quick return on investment! The region is below the national average in terms of employment, so these 400 new jobs are in the best possible place. An additional 400 families will be provided with a livelihood, an additional 400 people will be able to live off work instead of help, and so look proud in the mirror every day knowing that no one is supporting them, earning their own bread and paying taxes, so they will be full members. to Hungarian society.

We’ve reported on it on the Numbers page before, but the development wasn’t that spectacular at the time.
A similar intermodal terminal is being built in Zalaegerszeg!
620 new jobs! Another huge investment!
A nearly HUF 16 billion logistics container terminal is being built in Zalaegerszeg!
Meanwhile, the highways reach the border
The Budapest-Belgrade railway line is under construction
The railway is developing
We are repurchasing our airport, which the left has replayed to their foreign buddies by selling another 190 companies

Hungary will become a leading logistics hub in the region, an unavoidable transit country, and we will make a huge profit from this!

Come on, Fidesz!

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