Where else to reduce excise duty, libsik?

We have the lowest excise duty on petrol and diesel in the EU

Where else to reduce excise duty, libsik?

The minimum excise tax set by the EU is 36 cents / liter for petrol and 35 cents / liter for diesel. Surprisingly, however, the excise tax on petrol is 34 cents / liter in Hungary and 32 cents / liter on diesel. This is because we have set the rate of excise duty in HUF, so the EUR / HUF exchange rate has no effect on the rate of the tax.

With this, Hungary collects the lowest excise tax in the EU. It is possible to squirm here to reduce the rate of excise duty, but the situation is that we are already below the minimum.

It is even fortunate that the Imperial Union will not punish Hungary for too low an excise tax. The rate of excise duty has not changed since 2010 (apart from small fluctuations).

If the VAT content had been reduced by the Government, the oil companies and gas stations would have swallowed the difference in a short time, so this would have been only a temporary solution and in the end people would have paid the same for petrol and diesel. The best solution is therefore to introduce an official price.

Pay for multis and not people! Get in with a smaller margin! They don’t have to be afraid, they don’t go bankrupt.


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