Where is the left-wing pseudo-news press?

They produce fake news instead of real news

Where is the left-wing pseudo-news press?

Then let's see today what he has developed (for Telex readers: "stolen") for us in Orban :) videos at the end!

Veszprém: a cultural center is being built
Acticity has started: a large-scale cultural center is being built in Veszprém
With the transformation of the children's hospital, Veszprém acquires a new cultural facility with the work of VEMÉV-SZER Kft. And VeszprémBer Építő Kft. It was one of the hospitals the LEFT CLOSED!
for them, the health of the children meant nothing.
The launch event of the project, called Acticity, located in Hóvirág Street, took place on Thursday morning. According to the public procurement data, the two investors, Veszprém 2030 Műszaki Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Kft. And the Municipality of Veszprém with County Rights. The increasingly dilapidated building in the middle of the city, which has been empty for almost two and a half decades, is being rebuilt according to the plans of Pro Architectura and Ybl-award winning architect Anthony Gall.
More details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2021/11/elrajtolt-az-acticity-nagyszabasu-kulturalis-kozpont-epul-veszpremben

Tömörkény: the club for the elderly has been renewed
The official website of Sándor Farkas, Deputy Minister and Member of Parliamentwrote: Tömörkény has developed a lot!
Today we handed over several developments.
The old people's home and the village center were renovated, and the kitchen in Törörkény was also renovated.
In addition to the above, several successful developments have taken place from the Hungarian Village Program.
Our villages are being built and beautified!

Dunavarsány: a new sports center was built
Zoltán Bónawrote: The new, modern swimming pool and sports hall of the Dunavarsányi Olympic Center has been completed with 100% funding from the Government of Hungary.
The new, all XXI. Century-friendly facilities also contribute to the successful preparation of our Olympians.
Go Hungary! Hungarians go for it!

Development of St. Margaret's High School
István Simicskówrote: The gymnasium of St. Margaret's High School received an architectural level award.
Thanks to the support of the government, a sports hall and a record-breaking handball court were built on the top of the grammar school.
Education for regular physical activity should start as early as childhood, and this requires the provision of an appropriate, up-to-date infrastructural background.

Zalaegerszeg: a new market has been built
The work of Szabadics Zrt. Has not created a simple market, but also a knowledge center presenting the Göcsej region.
At the end of October, the Local Producers and Crafts Market - Göcsej Knowledge Center with a net area of ​​900 square meters was completed. The project was implemented in the investment of the city of Zalaegerszeg with a consortium of Nívódom Kft. And Szabadics Építőipari Zrt. The two companies were able to work constructively on the project throughout.
More details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2021/11/atadtak-zalaegerszeg-legujabb-termeloi-es-kezmuves-piacat

Nyíregyháza: two new kindergartens are being built
Dr. Tünde Szabówrote: The Nyíregyháza-City Reformed Parish was given the opportunity to build two new institutions in Nyíregyháza within the framework of the national kindergarten project!
The city is constantly evolving so that we can live our daily lives in a modern, beautiful and safe environment.

Dunakeszi: billionaire school development
"He who builds a school builds the future"
The government supported the renovation of the Roman Catholic Primary School of Christ in Dunakeszi with HUF 1.15 billion, the state secretary of the Prime Minister's Office for Church and Ethnic Relations said in Pest County on Friday.
Miklós Soltész said at the handover ceremony of the school that the building complex was enriched with new classrooms, a dining room, a gymnasium, a sports field and a chapel.
He added that thanks to the good management of the church, the investment of more than two billion forints could have been realized.
“An important task for us Christians is to build peace, in which Catholic schools play an important role,” the Secretary of State said.
Bence Tuzson, government secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, a member of parliament from the region's Fidesz, said the Hungarian government was making significant improvements in this constituency as well: 16 educational developments have taken place in the recent period and seven more are in progress.
He added that he who builds a school builds the future; when a brick is placed on a brick, the value is multiplied.
He put it important that education here is based on faith, because faith is a strong foundation that multiplies the value of the bricks that are laid and makes our future strong.
The renewed school and its users were blessed by Zsolt Marton, the bishop of the Diocese of Vác.

Csopak: a new roundabout was built
The roundabout at Csopak was built with government support of about HUF 483 million from the government's priority program, which was officially handed over on Wednesday, November 17th. It was said that the government, Károly Kontrát, Secretary of State, Member of Parliament, and the cooperation accompanying the implementation helped to build it.
Counter Charlesvideo:https://www.facebook.com/kontratkaroly/videos/3129291833972165/
More details:https://www.veol.hu/kozelet/helyi-kozelet/atadtak-a-csopaki-korforgalmat-5195306/

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