Paks II. - let the numbers and the experts talk!

It is a lie that the investment will never pay off!

Paks II.  - let the numbers and the experts talk!

Thick II. it is a profitable investment in itself, and in the event of a lack of development, a possible permanent power outage would cause immeasurable, huge damage to the Hungarian economy!
Giving up Paks II would be like entrusting the operation of a ventilator to a pencil battery: as long as it works, it’s good, but if it runs out of power, the damage is irreversible.

We recommend two excellent articles for our readers! One of themAtomic - Zsolt Hárfás' s blogwrote, the other by the Hungarian Builders
Both articles were written by PROFESSIONALS and are not irresponsible left-liberal politicians. (Follow both pages on Facebook too!)

We would like to highlight an important point here: "The unit production cost of Paks II will be around € 55 / megawatt hour for the full 60 years of operation. and will also generate significant profits for the owner, the Hungarian state.Responsible government communications and expert statements have consistently said in recent years that electricity prices will inevitably rise.Well, this is what has happened now! its price was almost 200 euros / megawatt-hour, but in some hours it was close to 430 euros!

Thick II. - numbers and reality about payback
Paks II: the construction of 18 structures in five complexes is in progress

Stop the irresponsible left that wants to endanger the country!

What does the left say?
"Get out of the car and walk"
"Driving a smaller car is the price of gasoline"
"I do not consider any social component to be justified in the price of petrol"
"You can reduce utilities, how could you use less water, electricity, gas?"

What is Viktor Orbán doing?
- Thick II. - is being built
- Overhead reduction - maintains
- Cheap Russian gas - you need and have
- Pollution charges - the big multis pay and not the people
- Fuel prices - are regulated
- Energy companies - Hungarian owned
- Retail prices - have not risen for 12 years
- Who do you represent - the Hungarian people
- Message - Hungary is our first!
- He froze the price of fuel
- has not increased fees since 2010,
taxes, rewriting costs
- Free TRAFFIC course
- Unchanged technical examination fees
- Large family car support
- Pedigree, registration number
nor has it become more expensive since 2010
- wage increase, tax refund,
tax credit, 13th month pension,
to make driving accessible to everyone

German disaster relief is preparing people to stop heating
This happens when demagogic politicians with current political interests come to power. (Mark Zay is like that too!)

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