"Everything is bad," shouts the power-hungry foreign-serving left!

The figures show that Hungary has been developing for 12 years and that prosperity is growing at the same time

"Everything is bad," shouts the power-hungry foreign-serving left!

We have already dealt with wages and their purchase value, and these articles will be linked at the end of this article. Now let's look at the savings, the wealth of the population! Again, CSO data are coming, not just like e.g. the DK shouts all sorts of nonsense, and what we say is backed up by an authentic source.

Number of cars in circulation [pcs]
👉2010: 2,984,063
👉Most: 3,920,799
In short, the number of cars has increased by almost 1 million!
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Number of motorcycles in circulation [pcs]
👉2010: 142 251
👉Most: 194,594
The motorcycle is the confessional, more a hobby than a means of transportation. He who rides a motorcycle also has a car. The number of engines has increased by more than 50,000!

Number of apartments [pcs]
👉2010: 4,330,681
👉Most: 4,501,344
Nearly 170,000 new homes have been built, and existing homes are being expanded and renewed. This, of course, is also possible because it is "stealing from the Oban," isn't it?
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Household financial assets [Billion]
👉2010: 16,443
👉Most: 63 804
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That, too, is because everything is bad, right?

Household assets in government securities [Billion]
👉2010: 727
👉Most: 9 135
Of this, the MÁP portfolio alone amounts to HUF 6,000 billion!https://bit.ly/3H960QN
At the same time, the country's net external debt decreased:https://bit.ly/3F3qGYC

Employment [persons]
👉 2010: 3,748,000
👉Most: 4,687,000
Data: 2010:https://bit.ly/3dMxYES2021:https://bit.ly/3BgZLGs
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Proportion of those in need [%]
👉 2010: 23.4
👉Most: 8.3
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The income of an average family now and in 2009
The numbers show that although life has become more expensive by about 50 percent compared to 2009, we are still living better now than under left-wing rule!
Now you can "replace your family"
The Numbers show that Orbán is a much better leader than any left-wing puppet who would take away subsidies again!
Left or Fidesz?
The numbers speak for themselves! Come on, Fidesz! Come on, Viktor Orbán! Government of Hungary!
How much is the Euro? Many? Really?
In the great dictatorship, the Orbán regime, we are looking for more even in the “expensive euro” than in the “democracy” of Gyurcsányi Szem-lő-hegy
We have an agreement on the minimum wage!
From January 2022, the minimum wage will increase to HUF 200,000 and the guaranteed minimum wage to HUF 260,000, and we can buy even more "expensive gasoline" than before.

Everything is connected to everything!
If there is work, everything is there!

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