Instead of line closes (list)

The 15th KISS motor train was put into service on line 120a (Budapest – Újszász – Szolnok)!

Instead of line closes (list)

Do we still remember? Line closures, 300 billion in debt, obsolete stations and vehicles: this is how the left handed over MÁV in 2010, that's where we started! Of course, there is still plenty of work to be done, but it must be seen that cars and trains are constantly arriving, the track is being renewed, hundreds of stations have been renewed, and travel has not become more expensive. The left is talking about public transport, Fidesz is developing it. List at the end of the article!

The first double-decker KISS motor train on line 120a (Budapest – Újszász – Szolnok) was put into service on Monday, the chairman and CEO of MÁV Zrt. Announced at a press conference in Budapest on Monday.

Róbert Homolya added, this is the fourth busiest suburban line, the trains running here carry almost eight million passengers a year. He hopes the KISS fleet will be complete on this line by the end of next year, with 10 such vehicles available to passengers, the number of which is expected to increase further as a result, said the president and CEO of the railway company.

At the same time, he indicated that there are currently 10 double-decker KISS motor trains on the Vác line and on the Cegléd line.

Róbert Homolya recalled that in 2017 MÁV-Start Zrt. Signed the framework agreement for the purchase of 40 double-decker motor trains, and thanks to the support of the Hungarian government, all 40 vehicles could be called from the framework.

According to the announcement of MÁV-Start Zrt., By the end of next year, all of the ordered vehicles, a total of 40 KISSs, may be on the market. KISS motor trains will run mainly on suburban lines in Budapest.

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The diesel era on a section of the North Balaton railway is over
👉Hungary because to be great! (list)
The share of Hungarian ownership in the energy sector, the banking sector and the media sector has increased significantly
👉Public transport, environmental protection
Fidesz does not talk about it, it acts! (list at the end of the article)
👉The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased tenfold!
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👉31 years of the Hungarian Earth Day movement!
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👉Mátra Power Plant will be renewed and environmentally friendly
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👉Value creation in Hungary!
The section of the M85 motorway between Csorna West and Balf junction has been handed over!
👉The first section of the M8 motorway has already been handed over!
👉Our video on improvements is about infrastructure improvements from 13 minutes to 35 seconds
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👉Only one county town is no longer accessible on a four-lane road
👉 Since 2010, a total of 6,000 km of roads and 500 km of motorways have been built or completely renovated.
👉Sopron is also connected to the expressway network
The cost of the project is HUF 150 billion PURE DOMESTIC SOURCE
👉The expressway connection of Eger has been completed
(Not on credit and not payable for 35 years in a PPP scheme)
👉Modernization of the Budapest – Hatvan (80a) railway line in Finini!
In this way, Orbán "stole" the country, or more precisely, it rebuilds Hungary!
👉In 2020, 642 kilometers of roads were renewed in 214 projects.
👉1000 kilometers of road will be renewed this year!
Since 2010, 6,000 km of roads have been renewed, and the total value of the investments made was HUF 755 billion
👉The construction of the section of the M6 ​​motorway leading to the Croatian border has started!
And since it is being built by Fidesz, it will not have to be repaid for 35 years and thus there will be no damage of HUF 2853 billion!
👉Construction starts: Northern Transdanubia enriches with 36 km of four-lane road
We are not talking about improvements, we are implementing them!
👉The easternmost section of the M4 was handed over, thus reaching the Romanian border
👉The approach of Debrecen from the east became faster with a four-lane road. The value of the investment is HUF 10.5 billion. They don't talk about it! They are building!
👉The M4 is close to Szolnok

👉Development of public transport

👉The road network of small settlements is also supported by the Hungarian Village Program
👉Kalocsa-Paks Danube bridge: the work area has been handed over, construction is starting
👉This way the future is built in Hungary!
The construction of the M85 is in full swing! The Balfi junction will be completed soon. The transfer is getting closer
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👉M4: SWIETELSKY is already paving the northern bypass of Szolnok
👉24 new buses arrived in Somogy!
Fidesz is not talking about public transport, but developing it!



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