Putin to CNBC: You are being fooled!

We have not reduced, but increased the gas supply to Europe!

Russia is being accused of many false accusations about the current energy situation in Europe. Electricity is expensive, gas is expensive, and both energy sources are scarce, but instead of EU decision-makers seeing their own mistakes, they point to something else. What is it about?

The main cause of the energy crisis is the liberalization of the energy market by the EU. This is what the Russian president talked about in this video:
As early as 2013, Putin warned the Germans that demagogic green politics would not lead to anything good. "If they continue like this, they will be heated with wood" - video
This summer was quieter than average, so there was a shortage of energy produced by wind farms
Due to the closures due to the epidemic, gas consumption decreased, and then due to the great economic recovery following the reopening, the demand for it increased enormously!
European gas storage facilities are under-filled and there is currently not enough time to fully fill them. EU member states waited, they thought it would be cheaper, but as winter approached, on the "world market" according to market rules (demand / supply / price) prices began to rise.
Liquefied gas from the United States used to "float" to Asia because there they pay more for it. The amount of gas coming in this way has decreased by 14 billion cubic meters.
Due to the above, the Russians are already supplying 15% more gas to Europe and can increase this amount further, at the request of the Member States, but they cannot do so voluntarily, only for the quantities declared and contracted by the EU.
Gas currently arrives on several routes, including Ukraine, but because this route was built in Soviet times and has not been maintained, 80 percent of the system's components are obsolete and in poor technical condition, so they can no longer know on this pipe. increase the gas pressure because it is feared that an accident will end and thus a major outage will occur.

👉The Nord Stream II gas pipeline has also been built, only the permitting process is underway, and then the gas from a Russian partner that has been stable and reliable for decades can start on this route as well!

👉Many everything else was said on the forum called "Russian Energy Week", we do not have the capacity to translate the full video, but the material is here, those who have yet to learn Russian can watch it!
The detail we shared is around 33 minutes 20 seconds throughout the recording.
And this is the detail we shared:https://youtu.be/Npm3FMN_qmE

PS: Putin couldn't be embarrassed by the blonde reporter (Megyn Kelly), so they just sent her a brown one (Hadley Gamble), but as we can see, the Russian bear is more rubbed than to be taken off her feet with such tricks :)

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