He has been sitting in the mayor's chair in Budapest for two years

Anyone who knows the only positive action we can thank Karácsony should write it down in a comment!

He has been sitting in the mayor's chair in Budapest for two years

The decline of Gergely Karácsony and Budapest is the best example of why it is important to make a responsible decision in an election! It is not Orbán who pushes someone else, but himself. Have the anti-Orbán left-wing voters who elected Karácsony in Budapest now had a better life? Are public spaces cleaner now? Is the city more tidy now? Is the city developing better now? Have local taxes been reduced now?
The questions are rhetorical, everyone knows the answer.

👉Gerg Christmas's balance in brief:
Cypriot offshore companies, pocket contracts
Unnecessary campaigns, lying posters
Strange flags on the municipal building
Getting buddies to positions, millions in rewards
Zero pieces of Budapestinfo kept
Traffic jams, unnecessary bike lanes, chaos
Dirt, weeds, stench, homeless people, feces
Local tax increases, parking fee increases
Obstruction of developments (eg grove)
Poor farming, pointing at something else
He has not gone to the Pesti út nursing home to this day

👉More details: 99 1 argument against Gergely Karácsony!
Meanwhile, Fidesz:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3826/Valahogy_igy_lop_a_Zorban
This will never be described by the left!
We’ve done it, and with sharing, reality can reach hundreds of thousands of people!


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