The coalition of unprincipledness is disintegrating

God protects Hungary from getting into government!

The coalition of unprincipledness is disintegrating

When there were "two" - MSZP and SZDSZ - the country was still a victim of their internal power struggles, now six or who knows how many there are, and they are already fighting before the election.

What if they got into a position? What if they could decide on billions? We know the answer, and we also know that we don’t want to pay out of our own pockets for a coalition of unprincipledness that is held together by only one thing - the immeasurable desire for power.

Hajrá Fidesz-KDNP!
We will definitely go to the polls because we do not have to win the polls, we have to win the election!
👍 if you agree and if you too will go to the polls!

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