Modern Cities Program - Facts Against Fake News!

The left-liberal fake propaganda media silences the results! See, don't just look!

(Stadiums, education health professionals should read the description throughout!)

Modern Cities Program: Hungary is undergoing historical development! The Fidesz-KDNP government, led by Viktor Orbán, does not talk about developments, but acts!
Gyopáros Alpár, the government commissioner responsible for the development of modern settlements coordinates the largest developments in the country!

With this video, we refute the lies that have been spread for years! The left says Fidesz is just promising but doing nothing, and they are also spreading that the government is only developing "Fidesz" cities.

Well, let’s talk about the pictures and the facts!

Hungarian Village Program: our settlements are developing in the value of hundreds of billions of forints! Even the smallest ones!

Our recommendation: create a website for the Modern Cities Program and the Hungarian Village Program, where each development is listed in a searchable format, from the largest, billionaire projects to the smallest village bus - everything! With pictures, descriptions, etc.

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