The small garden door squeaks

Do Ukrainians really think that Hungary will conclude a contract then and with whom and when the Ukrainians will allow it? :) Is this a joke?

The small garden door squeaks

Background: We have a long-term gas purchase agreement - the cornerstone of Hungary's energy security and overhead reduction institution.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians blackmailed the Russians, the EU for years, tapped gas purchased by EU member states, there was a time when transport was completely impossible. After the outbreak of the internal conflict in Ukraine in 2014, the price of transit is constantly being raised, and now they are amazed that the seller (the Russians) and the buyers (we, the other EU member states) are circumventing such a "partner"? There is nothing surprising in this, they cooked this "soup", now they are spooning! Billions of euros in transit revenue have been lost due to Russophobia. Russophobia is like orban phobia - it costs money.

Russia is a reliable partner, as it has always fulfilled its contractual obligations, Ukraine is a pis piti leech that parasites on others. With their now untapped, outdated and Soviet-era pipeline, they should do what we are thinking now and what we would rather not describe in the censored world of Facebook.

By the way: Nord Stream II was built, dear "Mr." Kuleba, have you heard of it? And have you heard that the ugly, anti-democratic Russian gas will go to Germany on this pipeline? And do you know that this pipeline will also avoid Ukraine? Somehow we haven't seen the statements criticizing the Germans ... Yeah, yeah ... They're cowards!
They are wrong to think that about 130,000 Hungarians from Transcarpathia are being "taken hostage", the motherland will dance the way the Ukrainian regime whistles! Ukraine has already tried to force its will on the Russian-speaking population and accept with them the unacceptable: the junta that came to power through a violent, armed coup, and the result was that Ukraine lost a significant part of its territory.

Learn from this case! We Hungarians will not let the Hungarians of Transcarpathia wipe their dirty feet either!

🇭🇺Péter Szijjártówritten by:
"Yesterday, we signed a contract with Gazprom to guarantee our country's gas supply for the next fifteen years. This is a great success, because in today's uncertain world, everything that provides predictability has great value, and on the other hand,
However, the decision of the Ukrainian government to attack this treaty with the European Commission is deeply outrageous. So let’s quickly make a few things clear:
1. Ukrainians have nothing to do with who we agree with.
2. We consider it a serious violation of our sovereignty and national security interests to want to prevent the secure gas supply of our country, the heating of the homes of the Hungarian people and the operation of industry.
3. This move is unfriendly after the many subsidies (ventilators, medical equipment, caring for soldiers, holidaying children, financing investments) that Ukraine has received from us so far.
We are asking for an attempt to violate our sovereignty, and we have now asked the Ukrainian ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "

THANK YOU, Minister!
Just hard! These cannot be negotiated because they will kick up any agreement! The best example of this is the Minsk Convention, which has not been complied with for 7 years.


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