A prime minister is not like that, Geri!

Gergely Karácsony is so pathetic that he is already laughed at by his own followers

A prime minister is not like that, Geri!

A picture appeared on the side of the "beloved and freely elected" mayor's party, where Karácsony was just proclaiming "Such a prime minister could be like that" while just hobbling on the subway in some torn hoodie. Well, as we can see, there have been a lot of reactions to the picture, but most people laugh at Gy. F.'s advisor even in the camp of the faithful. Those who have not yet been banned can comment here:

We think a prime minister is a determined, patriotic, family-friendly, charismatic, tough negotiator who no one controls! The prime minister has been called Viktor Orbán for 12 years, and it will remain so after 2022, as the majority will never vote against himself. On the example of Budapest, we can see what it is like when a leader is "like this" ....

Who would take the Hungarian Prime Minister seriously if he went by subway or bicycle in his absence? Who takes the entrepreneur who comes to the trial by bike and in some torn t-shirt seriously? Who takes seriously the master who comes by bus to survey the terrain? The prime minister represents the nation, and this job also has its own attributes.

PS: Anyway, Viktor Orbán also has a right, and in addition to successfully driving the country for 12 years, he even drives a car, which for you is Geri, an unattainable height. In this video, he speaks English while driving with Chuck Norris. You know, English is the world language that every leader for something speaks! It is a basic requirement for a multin, even in the lowest positions.https://youtu.be/1yvy4CaORfY


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