Another two-thirds victory!


Another two-thirds victory!

By putting together 75 percent of the vote, Putin’s party (United Russia) retained its constitutional majority. The party can count on more than 315 seats out of 450, which means Putin’s party will still have a two-thirds majority in the Russian Duma.

Why do we consider this important? The left-liberal media demonizes Putin just like Orban, because they both represent normalcy, the national interests of their country. On our site we have shown with a number of videos what Putin represents, it is worth watching them, we have translated them into Hungarian. The videos are here:

For those who doubt the purity of the election. Knowing the American "electoral system," let's look at what the "corrupt, dark, dictatorial" Russian system is likeált_a_korrupt_sotet_diktatori_orosz_rendszer

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