Why does Péter Szijjártó fly?

We are helping because some people do not seem to understand what the Foreign Minister is doing!

Why does Péter Szijjártó fly?

We wrote about this yesterday, but it seems necessary to illustrate this with concrete examples, because some people really think that the Foreign Minister should sit at home. No, that's not your business!
Do you know what the biggest problem on the left is?
The fact that the Foreign Minister is flying! Do you understand? FLY! Scandal!

A couple of weeks ago, they joined Katalin Novák because she also flew to WORK.

That's why he fliesPéter Szijjártó! These developments and contracts will be decisive for the future of the country! The investments will directly and indirectly create jobs and tax revenue for the country! Let's see the examples!

HUF 65 billion investment, 440 new jobs in Debrecen
Long - term gas purchase agreement
HUF 60 billion investment, 500 new jobs in Zalaegerszeg
HUF 680 billion investment, 2,500 new jobs in Iváncsa
An investment worth HUF 1,700 billion is currently underway
HUF 16 billion investment, 620 new jobs in Zalaegerszeg
HUF 8 billion investment, 150 new jobs in Tata
HUF 75 billion investment, 200 new jobs in Tatabánya
674 railway cars are being built in Dunakeszi, hundreds of new jobs
HUF 15 billion investment, 125 new jobs in Debrecen

👉There was a week when Péter Szijjártó visited several continents, 7 different countries. His flight costs are negligible compared to what he brings to Hungary!

Péter Szijjártó discussed these and many other things, and that's why he FLYED! A single such investment, even the smallest, will bring plenty back to the full operating cost of the State Department! Those who think something else is their business will describe what it is! :)
Thank you, Minister, for working day and night for Hungary, for the Hungarian people!

👉Proliferative rhetoric
This is the case when a minister, in the performance of his or her job duties, attends a trial abroadhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3904/Prolihergelo_retorika
👉Star five from crisis management!
Has anyone heard of "tax increase" or "austerity"? Because we don't! Thank you, Fidesz!
👉Long-term gas purchase agreement: the Minister FLYED here too, so that Hungarian households would not pay $ 740 for 1,000 cubic meters of gas!
👉Szijjártó Péter to Brussels: "Hungary WILL NOT be an immigrant country!"
👉So a patriot speaks!
"As long as we rule, an illegal immigrant cannot set foot in Hungary" Thank you, Minister.
👉Péter Szijjártó to the BBC
We do NOT change our laws! We will protect our children!
👉Ukraine can no longer blackmail or tap the gas we buy!

👉Source: The post of livelihood politician, Bernadett Szél:https://www.facebook.com/szelbernadett/posts/4232858513493725
👉 On the side of Péter Szijjártó, the details of each of his trips, their purpose and the results achieved during the trial can be quantified and supported by facts!https://www.facebook.com/szijjarto.peter.official

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