Do you know what the biggest problem on the left is?

The fact that the Foreign Minister is flying! Do you understand? FLY! Scandal!

Do you know what the biggest problem on the left is?

Still, what should you do? Go by bike to another continent? Maybe press Facebook like Gergely Karácsony all day? Maybe you should smuggle cigarettes at the Ukrainian border, as the chairman of the MSZP's "ethics committee" did? Maybe you should steal EU money, as Catherine the Czech Republic did? Maybe you should take photos of yourself, like DK politician Zsolt Gréczy did? Maybe we should walk the country with bachelors like James? Or should you lie "morning, night and evening," as the Gyurcsany-Dobrev oligarch clan does?

No, this is not the job of a foreign minister! His job is to fly, travel, negotiate, make deals, get partners, bring tens of thousands of new jobs and hundreds of billions of forints to Hungary, and this will generate tax revenue and development!

There was a week when Péter Szijjártó visited several continents, 7 different countries. His flight costs are negligible compared to what he brings to Hungary!
A concrete example: HUF 60 billion development, 500 new jobs, huge business! Péter Szijjártó discussed this too!
Another example: 440 new jobs will be created in Debrecen within the framework of an investment of HUF 65 billion
And another example: SK Innovation is implementing the largest greenfield investment in the history of Hungary in Iváncsa, Fejér County, the South Korean company is building a new battery factory with a HUF 681 billion development, which will directly employ 2,500 people

Péter Szijjártó discussed these and many other things, and therefore FLYED b!

Proliferative rhetoric
This is the case when a minister, in the performance of his or her job duties, attends a trial abroad
Star five out of crisis management!
Has anyone heard of "tax increase" or "austerity"? Because we don't! Thank you, Fidesz!
Long-term gas purchase agreement: the Minister FLYED here too, so that Hungarian households do not pay $ 740 for 1,000 cubic meters of gas!
Péter Szijjártó to Brussels: "Hungary WILL NOT be an immigrant country!"
That's how a patriot speaks!
"As long as we rule, an illegal immigrant cannot set foot in Hungary" Thank you, Minister.
Peter Szijjártó to the BBC
We do NOT change our laws! We will protect our children!
Ukraine can no longer blackmail or tap the gas we buy!

👉Source: The post of livelihood politician, Bernadett Szél:
👉 On the side of Péter Szijjártó, the details of each of his trips, their purpose and the results achieved during the trial can be quantified and supported by facts!

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