Péter Jakab travels the country in black dresses!

If they come to power, the 90s will return to Hungary!

Péter Jakab travels the country in black dresses!

️Passwords are intimidated and beaten!
️If they get a chance, they will shoot eyes again!
️Jakab Gyurcsány, Dobrev, Fekete-Győr, Karácsony and all other traitors! Remember this!

🟥 The bodyguards of Péter Jakab took a dog passer-by to the ground with a choke
On the second of September, in Hajdúhadháza, at a campaign event, the bodyguard and driver of Péter Jakab attacked a man walking a dog. He was taken to the ground with a choke. RIPOST obtained a video of the attack.

In addition to violence, Jakab makes camouflage videos, with scenes staged about how bad life is ... (It's enough to look at the parking lots in the malls and everything turns out ...)


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