This is how to do it!

The goat is also full, the cabbage also remains in the "bled" Miskolc. Thank you, Fidesz!

This is how to do it!

It was designed by a Hungarian company, Hungarian companies are building the new unloading road in Miskolc and the associated Y-bridge.
In the meantime, profits remain at home, new jobs are created, subcontractors are paid, taxes are paid, the country and the profession develop.

The complex project affecting the transport of the whole city is created in the investment of Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. (NIF), its implementation is carried out by HE-DO Kft. On the basis of the plans prepared with the work of Speciálterv Kft., Including the works of KM Építő Kft.

According to the information of NIF Zrt., The construction of the bridge, which will be built from almost HUF 13.5 billion, is proceeding according to schedule. According to this, after the installation of the prefabricated beams on the branch leading to the Tisza railway station, the concreting of the track slab has already been carried out in two stages, and the filling between the retaining wall elements also prefabricated by CLC Construct Kft.

The construction of the 337-meter-long bridge will continue with preparations for the construction of a monolithic, on-site reinforced concrete slab. In addition, the construction of additional scaffolding and the installation of reinforcing bars will be carried out by specialists.

We are building a bridge that connects!
Hundreds of bridges have been built and renovated since 2010! Here are some examples!
Designed by a Hungarian company, Hungarian companies are building the M44 Tisza Bridge, unique in Europe!
You can "NER-ride"!

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