Another 20 ambulances were on duty

And since 2010, more than 1,000!

Another 20 ambulances were on duty

(During the opposition media, he regularly depicts the Ambulance Service with an old, white, rusty ambulance withdrawn from circulation years ago ...)

The development of the ambulance service has been continuous since 2010.
- There were 223 ambulance stations nationwide in 2010, and 31 new ambulance stations have been built since then.
- Procurement of ambulances has also been ongoing since 2010,
more than 1,000 new ambulances were in service
- New defibrillators, ventilators, infusion pumps and other devices are up to date.
- Since 2010, 31 new ambulance stations have been built in the country and half of the existing ones have been renovated.
- Rescue workers have been given new rescue clothing, the IT system for rescue has also been renewed in recent years, and a new life-saving application has been launched, which will enable even more efficient rescue.
- The salaries of ambulance workers have been growing steadily since 2010.
- 9 new rescue helicopters were in service
- Hundreds of ambulance cars and ambulance engines help with the work.




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