Putin to the West:

The rights of a minority cannot take precedence over the rights of the majority!

We have had huge success on our videos containing the words of the Russian President! A total of more than 2,000,000 views means to us that there is a need for normality, Putin, demonized by the media, protects families and children like us. If we look at what the left-liberal media and political forces are saying about Orban and Putin, it becomes clear to us that the “Russian bear” is far from as bad as he is portrayed.

This speech was made in 2013, but the words of the Russian President are becoming more and more topical! Hungary is now being attacked on the same charges that the Russians have been attacking for years. Putin also talks about some people already trying to ban Christmas, mockingly calling it a pine festival, organizations promoting pedophilia appear, and Western societies have lost their ability to reproduce.

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Source (full video):https://youtu.be/XZSG7dpDz5o?t=962

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