Áron Szilágyi wrote sports history, he became the Olympic champion for the third time in a row!

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Áron Szilágyi wrote sports history, he became the Olympic champion for the third time in a row!

The swordsman Áron Szilágyi won the gold medal as the defending champion on the Saturday day of the Tokyo Olympics: the third winner in the series, the Hungarian fencer beat Italian Luigi Samele to 15-7 in the final.

Vasas ’fencer delivered an amazing performance all day, and in the evening finals local time, he surpassed Italian Luigi Samele 15-7 in parade fencing.

Apart from Áron Szilágyi, his four great predecessors - Jenő Fuchs, Rudolf Kárpáti, Viktor Krovopuszkov from the Soviet Union and Jean-Francois Lamour from France - have managed to defend their titles in the men's sword, but no one has come together individually yet. Moreover, in the other gun types, there was not even a man who had won the individual competition three times in the same discipline.

Szilágyi started with 15-7 defeats of Venezuelan José Quintero and Iranian Mojtaba Abedini on Saturday, then beat Ali Pakdaman of Iran to 15-6 in the quarterfinals, and Sandro Bazadze of Georgia in the big four, 15-13- ra. Samele beat Iranian Rahbar to 15-7 and his compatriot Berre 15-10 after a 15-12 success against Chinese Hsu. In the semi-finals, South Korea’s Kim Jung turned against Hvan from 6-12 to 15-12. As a member of the Italian team, he was an Olympic bronze medalist and multiple world champion silver medalist, but he has not had any outstanding results in the individual so far.

Szilágyi, the fourth in the world rankings, started the last match of the day better, he was pulled 3-0 in a few moments, and although the rival was beautified at that time, the Hungarian fencer easily gave new tussles and gained a 7-1 lead. Samele then woke up, managed to beautify it 7-5, but the last hit before the rest was again Szilágyi's (8-5). After the break, another single-lamp Hungarian hits followed, while "Come on, Aaron!" Alternated from the stand. and "Forza, Luigi!" encouragement. At the Italian 12-5, he then tried to show bravura again, but this time he ran only two hits from his strength, unable to equalize and reverse.

After taking the winning ink, Szilágyi raised his arms triumphantly and first hugged him with his coach, András Decsi, and then celebrated by raising a Hungarian flag over his head while he was alive in a handful of Hungarian camps.

The 31-year-old, now three-time Olympic champion, won the 38th five-ring gold medal in Hungarian fencing, as well as the first podium place of the Hungarian delegation in Tokyo.


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