"We need the support of all Hungarians"

"Brussels has attacked Hungary. They blackmail, threaten, initiate infringement proceedings, ”they delay payments, so once our children’s future is at stake, we can’t let go!

"We need the support of all Hungarians"

We will there! đź‘Ť, if you too!
The left has openly sided with pedophiles, supporting those who want to brainwash our children. We can't let that happen!


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Kossuth Radio Good morning, Hungary! on Friday morning.

Viktor Orbán said that the 54-page document sent by the European Commission called for us to change the child protection law. Family law and children’s rights laws are all a national competence, but we have been under enormous pressure from Brussels.

"They blackmail, threaten, initiate infringement proceedings," they delay payments, so since the future of our children is at stake, we cannot let go - said Viktor Orbán.

He explained that the government alone will not be strong enough in this fight, it is necessary to support all Hungarians. This was also the case with mandatory distribution quotas: the government alone would not have been able to resist, but then the whole of Europe was protected by Hungarian referendums from the compulsory distribution of migrants, he explained.

The Prime Minister sees that Brussels wants us to allow LGBTQ propagandists into schools, the European Commission says there are rights at school that precede parental rights.

The EU says the European ideal of freedom is expected to be fulfilled, but the child is not a matter of adult freedom, and it is not a question of freedom but of child protection, he said. He emphasized, "they want to take the upbringing of children out of our hands." Things may be different in Western Europe, but the upbringing of Hungarian children belongs to the Hungarians, he said.

The Prime Minister also talked about the fact that, according to Brussels bureaucrats, history is always moving in the same direction, and this is very similar to communism, only now it is all appearing in liberal language. Liberals have become enemies of freedom, he declared. He noted that there are nations in the world that must be respected and it is unacceptable for Brussels to abuse its power, to blackmail us financially.

Viktor Orbán announced that the government has decided to set up a Hungarian recovery fund within the economic protection fund and to launch programs that would be financed by the European Recovery Fund.

He said that the most important feature of the European Recovery Fund is that it is fast, so delaying it - the European Union is expected to ask for a two-month postponement to continue negotiations - calls into question the fund's meaning. This money goes to us, “they can delay it, but they can’t give it away,” so the government has decided to launch the same programs that it has already approved with Brussels. “We will pay if money comes from Brussels, if not,” he stressed.

Contempt for the Hungarian people to say, he continued, that the government wants to divert attention from a topic with the child protection referendum. Hopefully they can hold the referendum in January and February, he added.

Viktor Orbán advised everyone to rethink the issue, find out, see what is in Western Europe, form an opinion and go to the polls, because whoever does not go, boycotts, leaves the decision to the majority. They don’t want to make a law, they want to defend a law, so a boycott makes no sense, he stressed.

Interior Minister Sándor Pintér has already said everything about the Pegasus case, he said.

The prime minister described the coronavirus epidemic: the delta has been identified in 23 people, the gamma variant in two, and health professionals are working to pinpoint the situation. 55 percent of people are beyond two vaccinations, making Hungary one of the safest countries in Europe today in terms of epidemiology. But the fourth wave has begun in Western Europe, and Hungary will be part of it, he declared.

Vaccines taken protect against serious illness, he emphasized, adding that from August 1, any Hungarian citizen can request a third vaccination, and Hungary is the first in Europe in this respect. He reminded that the elderly have to be dealt with separately again, they are still in the greatest danger, so they visit those who have not vaccinated themselves. Children over the age of 12 are given a general vaccination campaign in the days before enrollment, he recalled.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that it is acceptable to make vaccination mandatory in health care, because there are already vaccinations that are mandatory there. He stressed that the government is in place, the operational tribe is working, constantly analyzing the situation, the government is making purposeful, quick and efficient decisions.

He said of the Tokyo Olympics, which are just beginning, that if Hungary organized it, there would be no obstacle to holding the Games under normal circumstances. Fifteen million Hungarians are waiting for our athletes to stand up with honor, he said.


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