Peter Szijjártó to the BBC

We do NOT change our laws! We will protect our children!

Peter Szijjártó to the BBC

BBC reporter: Is there a chance they will change their position?
🟢Péter Szijjártó: NO

Péter Szijjártó gave an interview to the BBC program Hard Talk.

“It was really tough,” the foreign minister commented on the TV appearance on the community side. At the beginning of the conversation, the United States of Europe vs. The concept of a Europe of nations was discussed, and then the presenter suggested that many EU leaders, heads of state and government criticized Hungary for believing that Hungary was in conflict with the values ​​of the Union.

"Is there a chance they will change their position?" Steven Sackur asked. "No, we are not changing our position in any way, and I do not agree with those you have quoted earlier," Szijjártó's reply came. The Foreign Minister stated that Hungary adheres to all rules and that a strong parliamentary and social majority is behind the patriotic Hungarian government.

The presenter then argued that all of this could cost the country billions of euros because the EU, citing problems with the rule of law, had allowed it not to start paying out budget funds.

Szijjártó called the report an extortion document and confirmed that he would not give up representing Hungary's national interests.

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