Referendum: Western left-liberals are rejoicing

If they get excited, we know we are on the best path!

Referendum: Western left-liberals are rejoicing

Thank you, Prime Minister.
Together we will succeed again!

According to the French right, Viktor Orbán taught a lesson in democracy, because people were not asked about immigration policy, for example. Viktor Orbán's announcement on the Internet yesterday also received foreign praise and attacks. The left is again demanding sanctions.

The news of the Hungarian referendum on child protection almost blew up the Twitter community page. The right praised the Hungarian government, the liberals raged.

Hyun-Ho Cha, a spokesman for Amnesty International in Germany, said the referendum was just an illusion of democracy, as there was virtually no state-independent media in Hungary. An employee of the organization, which is also supported by the Soros Foundation, was reminded on Twitter that the non-governmental site, according to its own statement, reviews thirty independent media and plans to involve even more. The Dutch organization Amnesty International said it was not a referendum but a repeal of the law. Andy Legon, a British activist for Open, also a member of the Soros network, says the referendum will be a hotbed of homophobia and transphobia.

German Social Democrat politician Katja Mast says human rights cannot be voted on. Reinier van Lanschot, co-chair of the Former Pan-European Party, said the referendum was a divisive and polarizing tool and could in no way be used to justify discrimination.

German Liberal Democrat (FDP) Jens Brandenburg responded: “democracy is more than the dictatorship of the majority”. According to her compatriot, Hannah Neumann of the Green Party, the majority cannot decide on minority rights.

Maximilian Krah, Member of the European Parliament for Alternative Germany (AfD), says Viktor Orbán is likely to win the referendum, but the union will not be affected, as LGBTQ is more important to them than democracy, as left-wing human rights are totalitarian.

Thierry Mariani, a politician at the French National Concession, says Orbán is giving a lesson in democracy, asking people about the ideology the EU wants to impose on them. "When will there be a referendum on immigration in France?" He raised. Lukas Steinwandter, editor of the German Junge Freiheit, wrote that Orbán made a smart decision and added whether the EU would brand an entire, freedom-loving nation if he sided with a large majority behind the anti-pedophile law.

They are also not entirely satisfied with the European Commission's (EC) rule of law report in Brussels. Katarina Barley, German Social Democrat Vice-President of the European Parliament, already wants to see further steps taken. According to the politician, if the EC takes its own report seriously, it will provide enough grounds to apply the conditionality mechanism attached to the budget to Hungary and Poland.

Regarding Barley's expectations, which previously urged the "starvation" of Hungarians and Poles, it is worth recalling that EC Vice President Vera Jourová herself acknowledged earlier that the mechanism could not be used in connection with the much-challenged child protection law, which is intended to protect the Union's financial interests.

👉The left really does not like the people to express their will!
They attack the referendum, the National Consultation, and their mayor no longer holds a press conference (Budapest Info was in Tarlós's time, now it is not!)
👉There will be a referendum - the left is in big trouble!
What do they say to these questions?ózas_lesz_-_nagy_bajban_van_a_baloldal
There will be a VOTE!
Let's send Brussels and the left together to warmer equator!
👉NOT blackmail! (links to all previous articles on this topic in the article!)
No one will blackmail Hungary, no one will interfere in the Hungarian electoral system!


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