The left really does not like the people to express their will!

They attack the referendum, the National Consultation, and their mayor no longer holds a press conference (Budapest Info was in Tarlós' time, now it is not!)

The left really does not like the people to express their will!

👉The thing is very simple: whoever encourages you to stay away is actually saying yes to spoiling the children, confusing their gender identity.

2004: Referendum on dual citizenship
The left campaigned against Hungarians across the border.
December 5, 2004 - It has been a day of shame!
2016: Referendum on mandatory resettlement
The left boycotted the referendum, supporting the resettlement and Brussels' self-destructive plan!
2021: Referendum on child protection
The left will boycott the referendum, standing by the pedophiles, exposing the children to them
And their mayor doesn't even hold a press conference (Budapest Info was in TarlĂłs's time, now it is not!)

Now they can only block those who think differently on Facebook!
If they come to power, our eyes will be fired too!

Gyurcsany responded to the announcement with a "mother-in-law."
Máté Kocsiswrote: "Gyurcsány opened a new chapter in Hungarian public life today, in inciting public discourse. wondering what made the fallen prime minister so upset.

From the referendum? It would be no wonder when the people can express their will, it doesn’t mean much good to him.
From the child protection law itself? It is not new, it has already deprived families and those who have children of almost all support, even as head of government, and it is also to his liking to be able to treat children with deviant ideologies.

Or are you upset that we are not allowing violent LGBTQ propaganda among children even under pressure from Brussels? And we won't. Unlike leftists, we trust parents to raise their own children the way they want. They have prerogatives, not disguised organizations that spread alternative sexual propaganda.

So Ferenc Gyurcsány! Between two mothers, make good friends with the idea that the Hungarian child protection law will not be decided by the power-obsessed elite in Brussels, but by the Hungarians, at home, in a referendum. And feel free to forget the words home, nation and child protection, they were not invented for yourself, we have known this for a long time. Get your hands off our kids! ”


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