The traitors are in trouble now!

In 2004, they campaigned against Hungarians across the border! Now they are turning against our children!

The traitors are in trouble now!

We do not forget! The referendum and the 2022 election will be a watershed!

️DK: "We will make the Orban referendum invalid and ineffective" generated a vote
️Momentum: "You should not take part in this hateful camouflage referendum in any way, so Momentum is calling for a boycott!"
️Better: The referendum is being attacked as a democratic tool
️ Karácsony G. He's just simply herding, "fluttering" one

Let's send Brussels and the left together to warmer equator!
👉There will be a referendum - the left is in big trouble!
What do they say to these questions?ózas_lesz_-_nagy_bajban_van_a_baloldal
👉NOT blackmail! (there are more links in the article!)
No one will blackmail Hungary, no one will interfere in the Hungarian electoral system!
👉2004 December 5 - the day of shame

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