Another "Scandal"!

This money can no longer be stolen by the left! Fidesz does not say "get out of the car and go on foot" / Gergely Karácsony /, but develops public transport!

Another "Scandal"!

Orbán “stole” the money from left-wing MEPs and “secretly” sells 503 new, low-floor, environmentally friendly, air-conditioned buses at Volánbus worth HUF 32.9 billion.

Of particular note is the bloodthirsty fact that most of the buses will be manufactured in Hungary, which is a "severely exclusionary" situation that harms the interests of foreign customers of left-wing parties.

Thank you, Fidesz!

The Coach Bus is buying 503 new buses
With more than half a thousand buses, the Volánbusz fleet can be rejuvenated. Most of the new compositions are made in Hungary, some in Mosonmagyaróvár and Győr, and others in Debrecen.

The public procurement tenders of Volán Buszpark Kft. Announced at the beginning of the year have been successfully completed, thanks to which one of the largest domestic bus procurements of recent times can be realized. Three companies, Kravtex, ITE Bus & Truck and Volvo Hungaria, were selected as the winners in the tender of the company responsible for fleet management.

Kravtex, which has plants in Győr and Mosonmagyaróvár, delivers 365 Credobus Econell 12, partly low-floor buses to Volánbus. 150 of the ordered quantity can be sold within one month. With the handing over of the last copy, the number of Econells on circulation at Volánbus will increase to 1,000. The suburban Credobus Econell 12 presented at the press conference has 43 1 seats and 39-47 stands on board. The bus, with a total weight of 16.5 tons, is powered by a 210-horsepower diesel engine that meets Euro VId emissions standards and is equipped with a ZF AS Tronic Lite 6AS 1010B automatic transmission.

ITE Bus & Truck Kft., Headquartered in Debrecen and with a factory, can deliver 88 Mercedes-Benz Reform 501 HP buses to Volánbus. As it is known, the design of today's most beautiful big-wheeled Hungarian-made bus is written by Péter Kozák, who previously worked on the most beautiful Hungarian joint, the Ikarus E94G. The Reform 501LE type bus was introduced in 2018, its series production started at the end of last year at the county seat of Hajdú-Bihar.

The model features a Euro VId, OM 936, 7.7-liter, 350-horsepower (260 kW) diesel engine capable of 1,400 Newton meters. The powerplant is connected to the ZF's six-speed EcoLife automatic transmission. The passenger compartment of the semi-low-floor bus has 45 Kiel passenger seats and 37-40 parking spaces. According to Volánbusz, the Reform 501LE type buses will transport passengers in Hajdú-Bihar, Fejér and Komárom-Esztergom counties.

Volvo Hungaria Kft. Can deliver 50 Volvo 8900 B6SC three-axle solo buses made in Poland to Volánbusz. Of the buses, some of which are low-floor and capable of carrying about 95 passengers, 20 to 20 will be available in the western and eastern regions of the country, while 10 will be available in the central part from November this year. This type is also not unknown to the Wheelbarrow, as in 2020 the company’s vehicle fleet was enriched with 15 Volvo 8900s. The model is powered by an 8-liter diesel engine with Euro VId emission standards.

All buses are air-conditioned and feature an electronic passenger information system, on-board camera system, wheelchair and pram space, a folding ramp and 1 USB port per seat pair. The Hungarian-made buses are equipped with premium quality Continental Conti Hybrid and ContiCoach type tires.

“In Hungary, more than a fifth of passenger traffic falls on buses and trolleybuses. This proportion is the highest among the Member States of the European Union. In the development of road public transport, we can clearly do the most to gain the trust of passengers by renewing the vehicle fleet. In 2021, Volánbusz will launch public procurements for the purchase of a total of 1,600 buses. The government is working with the MÁV-Volán Group to maintain the leading share of public transport at the European level on a permanent basis, ”said László Mosóczi, State Secretary for Transport Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

Since 2018, a total of 1,070 buses have been on the market in the Volleybus vehicle rejuvenation program. You can see exactly what they are in the video below.

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