The liar, thief left failed again!

Fidesz has been accused for 11 years of what they are doing themselves!

The liar, thief left failed again!

Katalin Cseh fell down, pocketing billions, while "Butcher" and "Orbán"
However, the truth turned out! Momentum's traitorous politician has previously written on Facebook that "Fidesz cannot pass on EU funds to its own politicians without consequences"
Then how is it? Now what will be the consequence? Maybe he will resign from all office and pull him out of public life? Maybe he'll return his horse? No way! There is no consequence of this on the left.

👉The camelid Korózs remained in place
👉Czeglédy, who was finally convicted, remained in his place
👉Thank you very much, the cigarette smuggler Zsolt Legény is fine
👉Niedermüller, who is hiding a power theft in his office, is at large
👉Vidantically, Mrs. Bangó, who rattles the Hungarians, continues her “work”
👉The lamp-iron Szarvas Koppány is still a Momentum member
👉Hadházy did not resign when it turned out that he was doing business as a representative
👉The Dobrev / Gyurcsány duo did not disappear after falling down with usury (they gave EU money to “loan” Czeglédy)
EBut Gréczy is lurking in the area again.


👉The left, according to their communist custom, always accuses Fidesz of what they do themselves!


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