This is how education is “in ruins” ... (list at the end of the article!)

We teach and raise children! There will be no "reprogramming" here

This is how education is “in ruins” ... (list at the end of the article!)

In Hungary, 1.8 million children and young people participate in public education
The average number of children per teacher in kindergartens has improved from 11.1 to 10.4 since 2010
In primary schools, this number has improved from 10.3 to 9.4 since 2010
Meanwhile, schools, kindergartens and nurseries are being renovated, and new institutions have been built in many places
The textbook is free, in many cases the meal as well!

The teacher-student ratio has improved, more attention is being paid to children
The number of primary school and higher education students has increased

According to the Central Statistical Office (CSO), educational indicators have changed favorably. According to data from the last school year, fewer children in kindergartens and primary schools have a teacher, more are studying in higher education and doctoral training, and the number of foreign students has doubled.

The Central Statistical Office (CSO) has prepared its educational reports for the 2020/21 academic year. According to reports published recently, 1.8 million children and young people in Hungary participate in various levels of education in public education, vocational training and higher education. Compared to the previous school year, the number of pre-school children (323 thousand people) and secondary school students (469 thousand people) decreased, while the number of primary school students (729 thousand people) and higher education students (287 thousand people) increased.

The agency recalls that the school year started on an attendance schedule, but due to the Covid-19 epidemic, secondary schools switched to digital education from November last year and then from March 2021, but after the phasing out of protection measures, the institutions could close the school year.

With regard to pre-school education, it was highlighted that there are currently more than four and a half thousand kindergartens operating across the country, an increase of five per cent in the last ten years. The increasing trend in the number of pre-school children since 2016 stopped in 2020, currently 7.8 thousand fewer children in institutions than in the previous year, partly due to the declining increase in the number of affected age groups and partly due to the increasing enrollment of six-year-olds.

At the national level, the utilization of places is decreasing: while in the 2010/2011 school year more than 91 children received one hundred kindergarten places, this year 84, so the average number of children per teacher has improved from 11.1 to 10.4.

A similar change can be observed in primary schools, where the number of teachers increased by almost 1.6 thousand in ten years, while the number of students decreased by 31 thousand during this time. Thus, instead of 10.3, only 9.7 children per educator. The data are also valid in an international comparison, as the OECD average is 15 children per teacher. We know from Emmi, among other things

In Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia or even Ireland, there are far more students per teacher than in Hungary.

Incidentally, 726 thousand people attend primary school nationwide, 5.4 thousand more than a year earlier. The increase in headcount is due to a higher rate of enrollment in the first grade: the first were 13 percent more in one year. At present, slightly more than half of the settlements (56 percent) have a primary school, and the number of teachers corresponds to the previous school year (75.2 thousand).

The good news is that there are again more people who enroll in school as adults after school age: more than thirty thousand in grammar schools are studying in adult education, 7.2 per cent more than last year. There are three and a half thousand adults in primary school, and the increase in the number of students here is ten percent.

According to the data of the CSO, in 2020 a total of 67.6 thousand people passed the regular matriculation exam, and favorable changes can also be observed in higher education, where several more people enrolled in full-time courses.

Economics and engineering are still the most popular, and humanities and computer science have also attracted many in recent admissions. Nine thousand people are currently studying for a doctorate, which is a small number for all students, but 9.3 percent higher than in the previous academic year.

It is also gratifying that the number of foreign students studying in Hungary has further increased, and has even doubled compared to the 2010 academic year. The CSO points out that in the last ten years the number of foreign students has changed from 15,000 to 32,000, and their share of all students has increased from 6.9 percent to 17 percent. Most of them are studying in the field of health education, and the technical sciences and the social sciences are popular among them.

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