Such is the left-wing "DEMOCRACY" - even those who just ask are banned

The left is already holding the mouths of the people in opposition. If they come to power, they will even shoot our eyes!

And in this video, Dobrev explains that he thinks manual workers are sick and unnecessary for society.
Let everyone see what the left is looking at us for! Dobrev is just one of them, but all of them!
This is the democracy of the left:

Take a test (if you haven't already disabled it)! Let's see how "democratic" this DK is!

1. Go to your
2. Write a comment
3. Notice how many minutes you will disable it.
4. In a comment, write to us that you have previously disabled or are now disabled
5. Share this post so that as many people as possible can take part in the big “Dobrev” democracy test
6. (plus) Use the right emoticons :)

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