Sport is sport!

UEFA does not allow the rainbow stadium!

Sport is sport!

It can be bad today (also) to be NiedermĂĽller ...

👉This is the right decision! There is no need to politicize sport, no need to generate unnecessary conflicts! People want to watch a football game and not politicize it. It is sad that the Germans have had this thought in their heads at all!
Go Hungary! Up, to victory!

Question: According to NiedermĂĽller, why is it better to be Hungarian instead of Hungarian today?

👉BACKGROUND: The Mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, will write a letter to UEFA on the matter, asking for this lighting to be allowed ...
👉Petition has started: do not paint the Allianz Arena rainbow! 35,684 supporters signed this petition.
👉The index is sad: there will be no rainbow color in the Allianz Arena
👉Depression at 444:


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