Everyone donates!

Just everyone is different! Butcher doesn’t beat his donations to a big drum, yet he does help where he’s needed. Dobrev, on the other hand, built a multi-day campaign on 20 masks. This is very cool!

Everyone donates!

Donations from Lőrinc Mészáros. The list is not exhaustive!
8 million incubator for Semmelweis
120 million to recover Levente
100 million for the recovery of Zente
1,000 million for crisis management
Free treatment for patients with SMA
HUF 200 million for disadvantaged families
70 tons of food for those in need
25 million to earthquake victims
50 million to the Paul Heim Children's Hospital
50 million to St. John's Hospital
8 million pediatric research and development
100 million to the Bicske Volunteer Fire Department
Butcher helps children with cancer
360 million scholarship for talented students
120 residential containers for the victims of the Croatian earthquake
Free of charge for 1000 employees in double weekend hotels
It provided free holidays to 3,500 disadvantaged families
👉Details in this article and in the previous article marked in it:
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3519/Meszaros_Lorinc_3500_nehez_helyzetben_elo_csalad_uduleset_ support

Donation from Klára Dobrev
20 masks.


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