The most special beach complex in the country in Debrecen was handed over 1 year ago!

The government supported the HUF 9.5 billion investment completed within the framework of the Modern Cities Program with HUF 7.1 billion

The most special beach complex in the country in Debrecen was handed over 1 year ago!

👉Details of the transfer and development can be read in more detail in this article.
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The beach was designed by a Hungarian architect (BORD Architectural Studio) and built by a Hungarian company from Debrecen (HUNÉP Zrt.). The Hungarian experts did world-class work!

"We should go to Debrecen," the song says, and that's exactly what we're going to do today. We go and try the beach, have a coffee in the Water Tower cafe, park in the new underground garage located under the fountain, see the Nagyerdei Stadium and the renovated surroundings of Lake Békás. Debrecen is developing wonderfully, because the city management is not hysterical, not posting, not crying, but WORKING !.

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The Elizabeth Camp has been renewed!
Twice as many children can camp, in 21st century conditions, in safety as before!
This is not a "snatched example", but one element of the country's planned and 11-year continuous development. Another 2000 improvements in a single video!
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In recent years, a total of 114 bathing sites have been renovated around Lake Balaton, the Danube Bend, the Tisza, Lake Tisza and Lake Velence.ében_osszesen_114_furdohelyet_ujitottak_fel_a_Balaton_a_Dunakanyar_a_Tisza_a_Tisza-to_valamint_a_Velencei-to_korul
After Tiszafüred, the renovated FREE BEACH was handed over in Vortex (Free = free)
The free beach in Tiszafüred was handed over!
So it is not paid, not by Fidesz, not by Mészáros, not by Tiborcz, not by Rachel, not by “Zorbán” and not by Rogán, but by ️ EVERYONE and FREE
Seasonal sham production on Lake Balaton starts! (more interesting at the end of the article!) Olga Kálmán is already thinking about what to lie this year!
Véső út athletics center and beach bath, Szolnok
The left neglected it! Fidesz renovated the beach bath from the HUF 1.9 billion gross awarded in the Modern Cities Program, the development of the athletics center took place with the support of the Hungarian state for HUF 1.7 billion
Lőver Swimming pool, Sopron
It's done! She became beautiful! Fidesz doesn't talk, it works!
The most special beach complex of the country was handed over in Debrecen, where they don't think like Budapest, but work
This is how Miskolc was “bled”
The Ellipsum adventure and beach bath in Miskolc, with a HUF 12.7 billion non-refundable government subsidy, opened
The new swimming pool was handed over in Nyíregyháza!
While Karácsony arbitrarily renaming streets
The pictures show the new swimming pool of Szeged built with HUF 16 billion government support!
The opposition says the government does not support the cities they lead
The construction of classrooms and school and kindergarten gyms is proceeding at an extraordinary pace involving 215 institutions
By the summer of 2020, 73 investments had been completed. (The image of the gyms has been commented out!)
The beach of Lake Bánki in Nógrád County has been renewed!
110,000 children can spend part of their holidays in Elizabeth camps, and family camps are organized on weekends!
Of course, the left-wing pseudo-news media and the power-hungry left-wing parties do not report this, but constantly lie instead.

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