We found another gem!

The speech was delivered in 2013, but its content is still relevant today, in fact! It's getting more current!

We found another gem!
👉The speech was given in 2013, but its content is still relevant today, in fact! It's getting more current!

The Russian president has traditionally been asked what he thinks of organizations promoting pedophilia and what the situation is with sexual minorities in Russia. Putin explained his thoughts a little more this time, drawing the attention of questioners to the fact that the acceptance of such things always depends on the given society, this cannot be introduced or allowed by political decisions, against the will of the majority.

“We need to hear each other better, we need to respect each other better,” Putin said.

It was not included in this little video, but the full press conference at the source also stated that Putin represents the interests of all Russian citizens, members of sexual minorities also hold senior positions, receive state awards (if they deserve them), all rights and obligations are the same with the others. Russian law was not created against anyone, it was born to protect children!


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Source: (full press conference)https://youtu.be/FYwvCRm9d54

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