Gyurcsány's program: it will hurt!

And it will hurt everyone, not just motorists, because the extra charges for shipping are ultimately paid by consumers!

Gyurcsány's program: it will hurt!

They consciously and artificially made it impossible for traffic to introduce a congestion charge! If they come to power, they will extend the pursuit of motorists to the whole country!

Hiding behind an Álcivil organization, they started Karácsony the foundation for the introduction of the traffic jam fee. Karácsony is "petitioned" for the introduction of a congestion charge. Oh sure! We know how it works! It’s like when Telex or HVG writes an ordered article that is later referenced by the left.

According to the initiators of the initiative, a cleaner and healthier city would be created if the mayor kept his previous promise and introduced the congestion charge in Budapest.

The Air Working Group has launched a petition in order for Gergely Karácsony to carry out a feasibility study on the introduction of a kilometer and pollution-proportionate toll in Budapest as soon as possible. According to supporters, the study should also cover how toll revenues can be used to help those in need and support environmentally friendly transport.

Earlier, Magyar Nemzet also wrote that the traffic jams in the capital have become more permanent, because beyond the peak hours of morning and evening, only those who drive in Budapest spend the whole day. Construction work on three investments will begin in the capital at the same time: on Blaha Lujza Square, on the Pest embankment, and the Chain Bridge will be closed due to renovations, which means that more traffic jams can be expected in the coming period.

However, already in the mayor's campaign, Gergely Karácsony promised Brussels that he would introduce the traffic jam award. At the time, however, he himself considered it to be a political suicide, unless demanded by the capitalists themselves.

- The huge car traffic causes huge damage to the people of Budapest. Due to the traffic jams alone, the loss is more than three hundred billion forints a year. And the total environmental and health damage caused by motor vehicles exceeds one thousand billion forints a year - read the Air Working Group's announcement, adding that with the introduction of a well-prepared city toll, all these costs will be significantly reduced.

They emphasize that in Budapest only due to bad air - one of the main causes of which is motor vehicles - there are about two and a half thousand premature deaths and two hundred thousand diseases a year, countless heart and circulatory failures, asthma and lung cancer. Therefore, with the introduction of the congestion charge, car use would be more thoughtful, which would eliminate traffic chaos, making the capital healthier and more livable.

They also point out that the revenue from the urban toll collected for cars should be returned partly to the needy as social assistance and partly to improving the conditions for public transport, cycling, walking and other environmentally friendly modes of transport.

As they write, the government declared as early as January 2020 that “the Metropolitan Municipality must determine whether or not it intends to apply tolls on its roads and, if so, in what system it plans to do so”. Therefore, the Metropolitan Municipality is requested to make use of the opportunity provided by the government, the very first condition of which is to prepare the said study as soon as possible and submit it for public discussion.

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