Our home is our property!

91.3 percent of Hungarians are also the owners of the home (apartment, family house) they use!

Our home is our property!

A common theme on left-liberal fake news sites and in the rhetoric of power-hungry left-wing parties is that "Hungarians are the poorest in the entire universe." This is of course not true, as in the case of revenue, we always have to look at its purchase value and also look at how much our wealth is. This includes and is also the largest element of our home, which in the vast majority of cases (91.3%) in Hungary is also our property!

What matters is not where the salary is, but how much the BUYER VALUE of that salary is in that country. In Germany, although wages are higher, it is easy to pluck 180 euros for a monthly pass, 2000 euros for compulsory insurance, 1,500 euros for albi, 50 euros for a haircut, and so on.

But let’s just look at who the earth runners really are!
91.3 percent of Hungarians are also the owners of the home (apartment, family house) they use. Obviously, in the case of a family living in one household, not all family members may be officially owners, but for the family as a whole, the property is not rented but registered in their own name, one or more family members, and therefore the others they do not pay rent.

This is not the case in the "developed west", where a significant proportion of people rent their homes, as although salaries are higher, the price of real estate is astronomical. In Hungary, it is much more affordable to own a home than in Germany or Austria. We also wrote a separate article about this.

When they criticize the Hungarian economy and the Hungarian government, half of whose population lives in apartments, it is, to put it mildly, a bit unreliable. When Soros' money is done by a "journalist" who, in principle, considers himself Hungarian, he also considers himself Hungarian.

In Hungary, an unparalleled family support and home creation system has been introduced, which allows young families to get their own homes with minimal self-sufficiency, up to 27.5 million non-refundable benefits. There is no such, but especially large-scale, home-building program in any EU country. With a combination of support elements (e.g. baby waiting, VAT reclaim, etc.), a 50 million new family home can also be brought out to zero. Creating a home is no longer just a dream for young couples, but an accessible reality.

It is also worth mentioning that housing prices have risen a lot in recent times. There are several reasons for this, the most important is that economic growth has started in Hungary, and thus our country has become a "better place", and prices are rising accordingly. It follows that who e.g. It had a panel flat of HUF 10 million 10 years ago, it has now become a flat of HUF 30 million without doing anything, and although all the inflation was, it was not 200%, but say an annual average of 3%. Let us also remember that there was a year when inflation was negative, that is, our money strengthened.

Thank you, but we do not want to be like others, and if Brussels or Telex criticize one of our measures, we will take it as a compliment - we are on the right track!

We will choose in 2022!
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Many will be able to pay the overhead, the loan, the rest of the cost, but you’re not sure!
We have something to be proud of!
We have compiled perhaps the biggest, most effective and spectacular measures of the Government of Hungary so far!
If the left comes to power, the family tax credit will be abolished!
Once it has been canceled, a second time it will be done
Inheritance and gifting tribute - abolished by Fidesz
In 10 years, it has left more than 400 billion forints in the pockets of families
More and more new homes are being built in the great “dictatorship”!
At the same time, the number of people living in overcrowded housing has fallen from 47 percent to 20 percent! He who works, wants, tries, can buy an apartment!
"Morning, night and evening" should not lie, but work hard!
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