They no longer hide their intentions!

According to Gyurcsány, tax cuts are “unreasonable and distorted things” Do you understand? Not only were taxes raised so consciously and consistently!

They no longer hide their intentions!


👉We previously wrote about the indicators used by the budgets by which Hungary embarked on the path of economic growth, wage increases and development.
️Budget 2015: "The budget of an impoverished society"
️Budget 2016: "The budget for falling behind"
️2017 budget: "A budget for the dehydrated economy"
️2018 budget: "The budget of the wealthy"
️2019 budget: "Budget for austerity"
️2020 budget: "Budget for backlog"
️2021 budget: "Budget for weakness"

We choose in 👉2022!
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Many will be able to pay the overhead, the loan, the rest of the cost, but you’re not sure!

👉New balance program
Do you remember? Many people don't even know! Show the young people who the leader of the opposition is and what they can expect if he and his minions get power again!

👉We clean up the ruins left behind by the left for 11 years!
Fidesz solves the problems caused by the left
The Gyurcsánya caused HUF 28,853 billion in damage only with the PPP contracts of the motorways
👉DK: we will return the stolen property to the Hungarians
You can start!
We choose in választ2022! Part 1!
We choose in választ2022! Part 2!
👉Video: The autumn speech is 15 years old, but the left is still lying that way.
👉This will happen if they come to power (there are more links in the article!)
👉P robbery privatization!
Few got rich, the state, the taxpayers were plundered!
👉The left is attacking everything that would make the country develop!
Why do they hate Hungary so much?
👉Do you want more taxes?
Do you remember the super gross? The 40.6 percent PIT?

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