European capital or Chernobyl?

This is what the Puskás area looks like a day before the start of the European Championships

European capital or Chernobyl?

Balázs Némethshared pictures of today’s state, it’s depressing and disappointing. Did those who supported the left vote for it? Do they understand that if this guilt gang comes to power, the whole country will look like this?

"Waist-up weeds, piles of rubbish, fallen railings, rusty columns - that's what the Puskás Arena area looks like a day before the start of the European Football Championship
This spectacle will welcome 60,000 Hungarian and foreign (!) Fans coming to the stadium.
I don't know if the area belongs to Budapest, Zugló, BKK, or personally the owner of the bee pastures, but someone could tell him that this is VERY LIKE! "

Pictures in large part:

👉Message of Gregory Christmas
He failed to set the law, now he takes revenge on the people of Budapest and the capital for his own incompetence.
They have been prosthetic for 11 years
They are even able to hiss at doctors ’pay rises, which they themselves have demanded with a foaming mouth before.
👉We clean up the ruins left behind by the left for 11 years!
Fidesz solves the problems caused by the left
The Gyurcsánya caused HUF 28,853 billion in damage only with the PPP contracts of the motorways
👉DK: we will return the stolen property to the Hungarians
You can start!
We choose in 👉2022! - Part 1
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Orban will be able to pay the overhead, the loan, the other costs, but you're not sure!
We choose in 👉2022! - Part 2
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself! The left has once ruined the country, and according to their statements, they are still preparing for it!
👉Video: The autumn speech is 15 years old, but the left is still lying that way.
👉This will happen if they come to power (there are more links in the article!)
👉The left is attacking everything that would make the country develop!
They are happy when they can gnaw something, they understand it, so they are paid by their foreign owners
👉The left has been clowning for 10 years, holding back work for 10 years
👉 Shame and sin: the opposition has darkened part of the country. Now they have darkness not only in their heads, but also in the cities they control to scam the electorate.
👉The left is next to the student city, which will be built
Their believers did not protest when they raised local taxes in an epidemic, crisis, closed parking fees, closed institutions, signed contracts with Cypriot offshore companies, distributed multi-million premiums.
Here is the best man on the left
If you don't want to be head of government either, pass it on!
👉Seasonal pseudo-news production at Lake Balaton starts! (more curiosities at the end of the article!)
👉This is when “Budapest belongs to everyone”
Karácsony completely depreciates the capital! The pictures show the current state of Népliget, Gellért Hill and Városmajor
👉Bleeding Budapest!
Today's fresh news has been supplemented with further improvements
👉System of National Cooperation
You say "NER," but do you know what that means? We help! Read it and pass it on!
👉Protects a neo-Nazi Karácsony!
In addition to organizing the coup attempt in Belarus, this circulated criminal named Protasevich also served in a Ukrainian volunteer neo-Nazi battalion.
👉If the left comes to power, a brutal overpayment will come!
(And much more! List in the article!)
👉 Karácsony election promises (lies)

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