Which the fake news factories on the left will not write about

The country is developing at an unprecedented rate!

Which the fake news factories on the left will not write about

Here are the other 8 developments! And in our country-building video, another 2,000!
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A wrestling hall is being built in Abony
The Ministry of Human Resources today informed the Municipality of the City of Abony that Dr. Tünde Szabó, Secretary of State for Sports, will provide a grant of HUF 51,070,985 for the construction of the wrestling hall in Abony.
Mayor Zsolt Pető said that the city management launched the conditional public procurement procedure in the spring of this year in order to advance the construction project and find out the actual costs.
This amount exceeded the previously awarded grants and the local government's own financial resources by HUF 51,070,985.
In order to resolve the situation and implement it, the city administration and the Member of Parliament László Földi wrote to the Government in a joint letter, requesting the provision of the missing financial coverage.
Thanks to the joint work and the decision of the Secretary of State, the implementation of the wrestling hall has become within reach, the contractor for the construction can be signed, and then the long-awaited construction can begin.

Road 4416 has been renewed
The official website of János Lázárwrote: I am proud to be part of the development of the settlement as a member of parliament of Óföldeák!
We successfully applied for the Hungarian Village Program, so we fought for more than half a billion forints to renovate one of the most important sections of the 4416 road.
The work was completed in May, but we are already working on the following development:
We aimed to renovate the road between Óföldeák and Maroslele!

Covered: the house of culture has been renovated
Horváth Laciwrote: The unparalleled beauty of Cover is hard to put into words. However, the developments in the settlement hidden in the picturesque valley are eloquent.
Within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program, the house of culture was renewed, the building received a new roof, but the doors and windows were replaced and a modern heating system was developed. Also thanks to the Hungarian Village Program, a village bus arrived in Fedémes, which served a particularly good service in the care of the elderly and in transporting the residents to vaccinations during the epidemic. The settlement also successfully applied for the renovation of the cemetery fence and the construction of an urn wall in the Hungarian Village Program.
And the youngest residents can also enjoy the new playground behind the old school. The Ministry of the Interior provided funding for this and for the renovation of the local service road.
We are working together with Mayor István Válóci for the further development of the settlement!
Come on, Cover!

The Volánbusz bought 204 articulated buses
The first three copies of the 204 new articulated buses of Volánbusz, purchased for more than twenty billion forints, arrived in Vas County. The presentation of the MAN Lion’s City vehicles took place in the parking lot of the Sárvár Arena.
- The vehicles now on the market are intended to ensure that public transport conditions are up-to-date and of a high standard. We can reach several cities of Northern Vas County: Celldömölk, Csepreg, Bük, Sárvár, Vép, as well as several small settlements under quality conditions via Volán's new buses - said Péter Ágh, Member of Parliament. Adding that from this year's five-year M86 road to the beginning of the modernization of the railway line between Szombathely and Kőszeg, recent government developments point in the direction of improving the transport conditions in Vas County.
The 51-seater and 55-seater vehicles have a low-floor, barrier-free design along the entire length, and are easily accessible to wheelchair or pram users thanks to the 300 kg ramp at the second door. The new buses are also equipped with an environmentally friendly Euro 6 diesel engine, high-performance air conditioning, an electronic passenger information system, a safety camera system and a passenger counter.

New village bus, new tractor in Berkesz
Dr. Miklós Sesztákwrote: Together we build and develop our region, the countryside. This time in Berkesz, they can be happy with the new devices, for which they have successfully applied.
Congratulations, hair Berkesz, hair Szabolcs 03
Source: https://www.facebook.com/sesztakmiklos/posts/10158449758570698

A new kindergarten is being built in Kőbánya
D. Kovács Róbertwrote: We are building a new kindergarten! Our children represent the future, it is our heart's desire to provide them with the best possible conditions in our institutions as well! By demolishing the old building, we are building a modern, new location at 38 Kőbányai út, for the Mocorgó Kindergarten. The workspace has been handed over, let's start the investment!

The terminus of the heat in Szentendre will be renewed
Dávid Vitézywrote: The end point of the heat in Szentendre is renewed in all respects. One of the defining focuses of the settlement is still the end point of the H5 line in Szentendre, where, in addition to the transport function, commercial activity is also traditional. The supermarket here burned down in early April, so there is currently a lack of access to groceries and daily necessities, and this unfortunate event has also drawn attention: the hub needs to be completely and completely renovated. The aim of the BFK and its consortium partner, MÁV-HÉV Zrt. With Esther, Secretary of State for EU Development Policy, who initiated a complete overhaul of the node to the BFK, asking that not only the heat area but also the environment be settled as part of the major investment.
More details:https://www.facebook.com/vitezydavid/posts/339574427524588

New ambulance in Nyíregyháza
Dr. Victor Vinnaiwrote: We handed over a new ambulance in Nyíregyháza.
Ambulances have made great sacrifices in the recent past, in addition to performing their traditional duties. In addition to well-equipped technology, the human factor is at least as important as having good professionals sit in the ambulance. This is given in Hungary.
Thanks to all the ambulances who save lives every day!

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