Value creation in Hungary!

The section of the M85 motorway between Csorna West and Balf junction has been handed over!

Value creation in Hungary!

No credit
No "Nokia box"
No "hundreds of tricks"
It does not need to be repaid for 40 years
There is no loss of HUF 2,853 billion!

️2,853 billion forints.
The Gyurcsánys caused so much damage only with the PPP contracts of the motorways! Nothing was built with this money, it's just the damage, the total cost is nearly 4,000 billion, and we'll pay the bill by 2040!
👉This year, 117 billion forints will be spent for this purpose, although it could go for other things, such as tax cuts, overhead cuts, improvements, etc.

To sense the magnitude, the key figures for the 2021 budget are:
👉Education: 2229 billion
👉Health: 2245 billion
👉Retirement benefits: 3090 billion
👉Family support: 2295 billion

Thanks to the consortium of Dömper Kft. And Subterra-Raab Kft. (444 and for the sake of telex readers, we emphasize: NOT "Lölő"), it is possible to get to the Balf junction on a 2x2 lane.

In the early afternoon, a section of the M85 motorway between Csorna West and Balf junction, which improved the approach to Sopron, was handed over in a press conference. Thanks to the development of the motorway, the Balf junction can be reached in a 2x2 lane. The project was implemented on behalf of the Ministry of National Development in the NIF investment of Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. From domestic sources.

The section of the M85 motorway between Csorna and Fertőrákos junctions will be built in four parts. A IV. A consortium of Dömper Kft. and Subterra-Raab Kft. (DS Consortium) will be built on the 6.4 km section between Sopron-east and Fertőrákos junction. Now the section between the Sopron East - Balf traffic junction has been completed.

He attended the press conference

Tamás Schanda, Deputy Minister of Innovation and Technology,
Attila Barcza, Member of Parliament for the region,
Farkas Ciprián, Mayor of Sopron MJV and
Kornél Kondrik, Deputy Chief Financial Officer of NIF Zrt.
The accessibility of Sopron will be improved with the construction of the 53.5-kilometer section, which was partially handed over to traffic on 16 December 2020, and the surrounding settlements will be exempted from through traffic. Construction is currently continuing in several stages. The development is expected to reach the Austrian border by autumn 2024.

On the continuation of the road to the Austrian border on section V of the M85 (M85 motorway Fertőrákos junction - Sopron border section with temporary reconnection to the existing Main Road Border Crossing No. 84, as well as the construction of the Sopron NE bypass road 8647) also Dömper and Subterra-Raab works, supplemented by Pannon-Doprastav Kft. In a triple consortium (SDD Consortium).

For the sake of variety, this is not a "snatched example", we show why.
👉The first section of the M8 motorway has already been handed over!
👉Our development video is about infrastructure improvements from 13 minutes to 35 seconds
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👉Only one county town is no longer available on a four-lane road
👉A total of 6,000 km of roads and 500 km of expressways have been built or completely renovated since 2010.
👉Sopron is also connected to the expressway network
The cost of the project is HUF 150 billion PURE DOMESTIC SOURCE
👉The expressway connection of Eger has been completed
(Not in a loan and not in a PPP scheme payable for 35 years)
👉Modernization of the Budapest – Hatvan (80a) railway line in Finini!
In this way, Orbán "stole" the country, or more precisely, it rebuilds Hungary!
👉In 2020, 642 kilometers of roads were renewed in 214 projects.
👉1000 kilometers of road will be renewed this year!
Since 2010, 6,000 km of roads have been renewed, and the total value of the investments made was HUF 755 billion
👉The construction of the section of the M6 ​​motorway leading to the Croatian border has started!
And since it is being built by Fidesz, it will not have to be repaid for 35 years and thus there will be no damage of HUF 2853 billion!
👉Construction starts: Northern Transdanubia enriches with 36 kilometers of four-lane road
We are not talking about improvements, we are implementing them!
👉The easternmost section of the M4 was handed over, thus reaching the Romanian border
👉The approach of Debrecen from the east became faster with a four-lane road. The value of the investment is HUF 10.5 billion. They don't talk about it! They are building!
👉The M4 is close to Szolnok

👉Development of public transport

👉The road network of small settlements is also supported by the Hungarian Village Program
👉Kalocsa-Paks Danube Bridge: the work area has been handed over, construction is starting
👉This way the future is built in Hungary!
Construction of the M85 is in full swing! The Balfi junction will be completed soon. The transfer is getting closer
👉In our video presenting country building, there are another 2000 developments and road constructions!
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