The world recognizes the work of the government!

Whatever the left lies, we need to understand that they are doing it for the sake of it, they need the power, they need our money, our wealth, our country to be able to sell it again and deliver it to their foreign customers.

The world recognizes the work of the government!

OECD: the Hungarian economy will soar!
According to the European Commission, we have handled the crisis excellently!
WHO: Hungarian healthcare has performed excellently! You are the heroes of the pandemic!
According to Moody's, the Hungarian banking system is stable!
Huge recognition: For the third year in a row, Hungary is among the 10 best investment destinations in the world, and HIPA is the best investment promotion agency in the region!
Global Capital: Hungary is the best debt manager in the region
According to the IMF, the government has passed the exams!
S & P classified Hungary in the category recommended for investment
Fitch also acknowledges the effectiveness of Hungarian crisis management!
The majority is satisfied with Viktor Orbán!

All this is not a coincidence! We have something to be proud of! The biggest achievements and the most important measures of the Orbán government since 2010!

👉According to the left, Viktor Orbán has never dealt with a crisis, otherwise his crisis management failed.
The reality, on the other hand, is that Viktor Orbán has handled countless crises over his more than 30-year political career and has always solved the task. The biggest crisis was caused by the Gyurcsánys, but it also solved it.


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