We will elect in 2022!

Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself! The left has once ruined the country, and according to their statements, they are still preparing for it!

We will elect in 2022!

In the previous similar post, we compared the numbers who haven’t seen it yet, check it out and share it!
And now let’s look at the theoretical differences between the two sides

Border protection
Left: "fake problem"https://bit.ly/3il6Cce
Fidesz: There is no compromise in border protection.https://bit.ly/3wTpina
Left: aidhttps://bit.ly/2Ro5edB
Fidesz: workhttps://bit.ly/2Rn726E
Left: not supportedhttps://bit.ly/3uWxBgG
Fidesz: they support ithttps://bit.ly/3chGn2g
Installation, multicultural
Left: supportedhttps://bit.ly/3wZZjKS
Fidesz: rejectedhttps://bit.ly/3il7622
Rural development
Left: not supportedhttps://bit.ly/3uTN55l
Fidesz: supportshttps://bit.ly/3uRsoXG
Distinction, listing
Left: they list like the Nazishttps://bit.ly/2Ro64af
Fidesz: rejectedhttps://bit.ly/34N3y0f
Left: "Country k"https://bit.ly/3plmjl8
Fidesz: our sweet countryhttps://bit.ly/3uU2gLM
Left: tax increasehttps://bit.ly/3z4c3Cc
Fidesz: tax cutshttps://bit.ly/3ijBkCr
Left: paid, privatizedhttps://bit.ly/3cjULae
Fidesz: developing, statehttps://bit.ly/3w6I0Ys
Schools, Nurseries, Kindergartens
Left: closedhttps://bit.ly/3x15M8G
Fidesz: they are buildinghttps://bit.ly/2TN2TtP
Family support
Left: something was always taken awayhttps://bit.ly/3x00tGe
Fidesz: constantly expandinghttps://bit.ly/3w6WSq9
Environmental Protection
Left: they are talking about ithttps://bit.ly/2S3temV
Fidesz: they acthttps://bit.ly/2S5haS6
Left: demolishedhttps://bit.ly/3cjbmex
Fidesz: constantly evolvinghttps://bit.ly/3g8U0SN
Left: taken awayhttps://bit.ly/3gqWqwj
Fidesz: 13th month raiseshttps://bit.ly/2RuuGyk
Churches, religion
Left: constantly provokedhttps://bit.ly/3cmAYHg
Fidesz: partnershiphttps://bit.ly/3yXaWnI
Left: stolen and stoppedhttps://bit.ly/3cmB3uy
Fidesz: transparent processes, developmenthttps://bit.ly/3pr4AJ8
International relations
Left: provocations, scandals:https://bit.ly/3poRCvt
Fidesz: partnershipshttps://bit.ly/3gcZD2k
Monument protection
Left: allowed to perishhttps://bit.ly/3vZotJC
Fidesz: being renovatedhttps://bit.ly/3posp45
Job creation
Left: not supportedhttps://bit.ly/3po7FJF
Fidesz: they support ithttps://bit.ly/3z414st
State Property, Gold Stock
Left: wastedhttps://bit.ly/3vYiqVQ
Fidesz: enrichedhttps://bit.ly/3clKdYl
IMF loan
Left: picked up, raisedhttps://bit.ly/3uUmJzS
Fidesz: They have been repaid and will never be recruited againhttps://bit.ly/3ijXlBe
Public transport
Left: demolishedhttps://bit.ly/2Ro58mi
Fidesz: being developedhttps://bit.ly/3il9PIO
Energy sector
Left: privatized, soldhttps://bit.ly/3ikTeVd
Fidesz: regained Hungarian ownershiphttps://bit.ly/3clKB9f

Now it's your turn! Pass on the reality!

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