Gyurcsány's non-English speaking extan advisor took the stage

You can lie, you can't drive! (No car, no city, no country!)

Gyurcsány's non-English speaking extan advisor took the stage

Let’s take a look at a bit of the mayoral candidate program. We’re not revealing a big secret by keeping almost nothing of your promises! Fortunately, the document is still available today, we will also place the link at the end of the post, everyone can "enjoy" it. Let's see as many people as possible that Gergely Lied Christmas and compare reality with what has been described.

We quote the program.
Restart the previously stopped panel program.
👉It didn't start like that

We will preserve the apartments owned by the Capital.
👉Apartments are sold.

Retirees should receive a housing allowance of HUF 20,000.
It didn't happen that way.

We are starting the reconstruction program and expansion of the nursing homes managed by the local government of the capital.
👉Show a single nursing home where at least one nail has been struck.

We are significantly reducing public homelessness.
👉Public spaces were flooded with homeless people.

We are introducing the housing utility subsidy, which was abolished in 2012. By 2020, we want at least HUF 20,000 per year in overhead support for at least the 20,000 households in need in Budapest
to provide.
👉This was not fulfilled either.

We support NGOs that promote equality for sexual minorities and acceptance.
👉This is definitely solved, we know for sure that Transparency is a mower, Karácsony thoroughly stuffed with public money.

We are launching a scholarship program to support the studies of disadvantaged children and youth.
👉What? Has anyone heard of this?

All municipal institutions and companies
we elect a leader in a public competition to lead.
👉Of course, you put your buddies in position, abusing the danger, making one-person decisions.

In the capital's municipality, only contracts available on the Internet can take effect.
👉It is good that you have to sue for months in order to find out the content of a contract.

We are returning to the people of Budapest the area now fenced off as a parking lot in front of the City Hall.
👉Did not give back!

We will introduce the basic transport income in Budapest, so everyone can decide for themselves which mode of transport they use the support received from the local government.
👉Where can you pick it up?

We are taking the initiative to allow people under the age of 14 to travel free on public transport vehicles.
👉It was also missed.

We are planting a new tree in honor of every newborn in Budapest.
👉Where can you see the roughly 20,000 trees you have belonged to since the municipal election?

From every square foot of public space, we make it clear who owns it.
👉Yes, the city is full of nice big, healthy GAS and garbage. They must have a master, but the city is neglected.

How is this going to be an election derby, Geri?


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