Lőver Swimming pool, Sopron

It's done! It's beautiful! Fidesz doesn't talk, they work!

Lőver Swimming pool, Sopron

At the beginning of the month, the process of technical handover and acceptance started in the Lőver Swimming Pool, christened on the basis of online voting, which is being built in a consortium of West Hungária Bau Kft. And FÉSZ Zrt. (It is not Mészáros, so the fake news factories did not write about it) The building was completed, and it is planned that the people of Sopron will be able to take possession of the new sports facility in June.

One of the most spectacular developments in the building can be seen in the pools, as last month each of them received its cladding, they have already been completely filled with water.

The other, spectacular change is to be found in the stands, the chairs have been put in place. According to András Khaut, the glass railing of the stands was completed two weeks ago, and the cabinets and benches will soon be included in the locker rooms. Mechanical systems are inspected as part of the technical handover and acceptance process. These will be handed over step by step to the prospective operator, as operators will need to learn how to use water filling and disinfection as well as ventilation systems.

The building has an area of ​​11,600 square meters. It has a stand for 1,235 people, a twenty-five and twenty-five and twenty-five and fifty-meter racing pools, as well as two training pools, as well as a jacuzzi, a hot water plunge pool, and a sauna and steam room. The people of Sopron could decide on the name of the new, multifunctional spa and swimming pool complex on the online voting platform created by the municipality: the winner of the popular sports facility, the Lőver Swimming Pool, became the winner.

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