The fake news factories are breeding, but they got theirs!

Left-liberal false news propaganda based on human envy and stupidity tries to expel a successful Hungarian producer, entrepreneur, taxpayer with another article

The fake news factories are breeding, but they got theirs!

The dirty media called Transparent wrote a voluminous article about what kind of car Rákay Philip has, among other things, which was shared by several individuals who seem to be left-wing politicians (eg Tímea Szabó). The article tries to impress the envy of silly and lazy people, giving the false impression that anyone can have such a car, but the majority are not given it, while some are.

Well, the reality, by contrast, is that few can afford such a car. Only those who excel in one area or another of life. Rákay is an excellent producer and a good businessman, talented, hardworking, working for 30 years to be such a car. He studied, wanted, and worked for him, while paying taxes and giving work to others. You can do it afterwards!

Interestingly, when Gyurcsány took on an armored Audit for 100,000,000 public funds as Prime Minister, these hired scribblers listened deeply. Rákay, on the other hand, bought the car from his own money, and if the purchase price was really 47 million, he also paid HUF 12.6 million in tax on the purchase.

Rákay replied to the fake news factory's article:
“I have been working in the world of media and communication for 30 years. I founded and ran several TV channels. As a producer and presenter, I record thousands of cultural, historical and portrait shows. I published six books, each of which became a bestseller. In recent years, my successful consulting and real estate development companies have paid HUF 1 billion in taxes to the general government, so that they do not have any state mandates. I directly and indirectly employ dozens of families. Well approx. it takes everything ... ”"
Rákay Philip: Thank you for responding to this. Unfortunately, a lot of people spread it and a lot of people envy you. In fact, the vehicle is very haunting, but it is also a fact that nowhere in the world do such cars grow on the fence and fall out of the sky. You have to work for everything, and only individual knowledge, ability and aptitude determine who has what kind of car, what kind of house, how much money. We wish you accident-free traffic and much more success!

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