We saved 550 billion forints by purchasing eastern vaccines!

We saved 550 billion forints by purchasing eastern vaccines!

👉With the single right decision of the government, it saved thousands of lives, we were able to open a month and a half earlier, and it was kind to even the "stadiums" :) The amount saved is more than one and a half times the money spent on stadium construction!


The Hungarian economy has saved a huge amount thanks to the eastern vaccines, the Secretary of State for Information and International Representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

Tamás Menczer said in a video published on his community page: the Hungarian economy suffered a daily loss of HUF 10-15 billion during the closure.

He noted that the 4 million vaccinees could have been reached a month and a half later without the Eastern vaccines. During this month and a half, the Hungarian economy would have suffered a loss of more than HUF 550 billion, he added, adding that this amount, or at least a significant part of it, could be saved thanks to oriental vaccines.

That is, procuring the Russian and Chinese vaccines — in addition to saving lives and restarting — was also an economically good decision, ”the secretary of state said, stressing,“ the more people we vaccinate ourselves, the sooner we get our old lives back ”.

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