Hungary has been developing spectacularly for 10 years!

The left is lying, Fidesz is building, taxes have been reduced, it is supporting!

Hungary has been developing spectacularly for 10 years!

👉What we should be proud of! The biggest results of Fidesz since 2010!
👉Before anyone says this is a "snatched example", let's reveal that in our latest video, we'll show you countless improvements like this! It starts with health investments, then education, followed by monument buildings, sports, transport, vehicles, parks, afforestation, settlement development, etc.

Now let's see what else is built!

1. A new international transmission line has been built between Hungary and Slovakia!
Péter Szijjártówrote: We do not deal with what separates, but with what connects. This is the key between Hungary and Slovakia, so the relationship may now be better than ever.
The transmission system crossing the Danube, connecting our countries, clearly shows that we can contribute to each other's economic success and security of energy supply.

2. The newest green park in Budapest can be taken over, we are ready with the first beat!
Balázs Fürjeswrote: The environment of the Puskás Arena has been completely reborn! The magnificent park of more than 100,000 square meters offers a meaningful pastime for everyone from 0 to 99 years old. Plus, our four-legged friends don’t have to be left home either, since we thought of them too.
What's all here? It is also difficult to list. Already, by the end of the first phase, almost everything is working.
A record run, and two more
There are several playgrounds, a climbing park for young and old
Lots of new green space and lots and lots of new wood
Fountain. It is guaranteed to be a favorite of little ones and puppies
Buffets will open in a few days
Walkways with decorative lighting
Resting hill
Fitness, street workout park
Skate park for fans of extreme sports
Free wifi
After the European Football Championship:
Basketball courts, handball courts, roller hockey courts
Mini soccer field, ping pong tables, teqball
... and a lot more
The car park and surroundings of the BOK Hall have also been completely transformed, and the area in front of the Geradich Aladár National Sports Hall has been decorated.
He also managed to save and renew the dross, the iconic series of statues.
Not only was a new park created, but it was also the newest event venue in Budapest. The area is also suitable for concerts, we can watch matches on giant projectors, we can also come here for festivals.
The park is open all day for those who want to relax, between 6 am and 10 pm. The park is safe and clean, we pay special attention to this, we collect garbage selectively.
We’re done with the first pace, and after the European Football Championship, everything will work 100%!
Official transfer on Thursday, May 7, but in the meantime come, use health, gates open!

3. The largest public park in Szolnok, the new Ormos Imre park, was opened.
The area of ​​the park was once the special garden of the State Lung Hospital, the plans of which were made in 1947 by Imre Ormos.
It will be open from 7 am to 8 pm, dogs are not allowed to walk or smoke in the park. The municipality of Szolnok is the Green Generation submitted in 2016! - Szolnoki Városüzemeltetési Kft.
DURING THE INVESTMENT BEGINNING IN 2017, HORTICULTURAL PROFESSIONALS HAVE PRESERVED THE VALUABLE TREES IN THE AREA AND BY THERE WAS 70 NEW TREES AND 300 METERS OF SHRUBS. A café awaits visitors in the new park’s reception building, and a bicycle rental will soon be available. The 2.2-hectare park has a family-run residential area, as well as a huge playground, running track, basketball court and street workout court.
The elements of the thematic playground represent the sights of Szolnok, such as the Szolnok Castle, the Tiszavirág Bridge, the Water Tower, the Tisza River, and there are also playground elements created to commemorate the aviation history of Szolnok. The park is baby-mama friendly, with drinking fountains, washbasins, benches and bicycle storage for your leisure time. Security is provided by six surveillance cameras.

4. The Győr Fekete István Primary School will be renewed!
Ákos Kara wrote: An article entitled The Reborn School in Adyvárosi was published in the latest issue of the Győr weekly. I kindly recommend the writing, which reads as follows:
“At the initiative of Ákos Kara, a member of parliament from Győr, the István Fekete Primary School in Adyvár is being renovated.
The institution opened its doors to students in Győr almost 45 years ago. The current development is by far the largest since the handover of the school. Ákos Kara had an election promise to renovate and develop the institution, which will be fully implemented in accordance with the original plans.
The Győr Member of Parliament summed up the current work as follows: “The façade insulation work will be completed soon. The school’s new blue painting can be seen on an ever-increasing surface. This very important institution is now being renewed for almost 960 million forints, so from a very significant amount. I am told from the school that a lot of positive feedback comes to the institution about the development from the surrounding houses. We would like to thank the people of Adyvár and thank you for their patience, as the renovation has a noise impact and a large amount of construction material has to be brought into the area.
Work to modernize the lighting inside the institution has started earlier than planned, and the goal remains to be able to hand over the beautifully enchanted housing estate school during the autumn. "I would like to express my gratitude to all the educators in Győr and the countryside for teaching students with great love and attention even during this terrible epidemic," added Ákos Kara.

5. The construction of the new market hall in Pécs is proceeding spectacularly!
You can read more about the investment of more than HUF 3 billion here (with visual plans)
But that's "bleeding," isn't it?
Further pictures:

6. The 420 million ecotourism development of the Miskolc Zoo has been completed
A new reception center was built, the Sahel demonstration building with a lion and desert lynx runway was created, and the tiger house was also renovated.
The new facilities were handed over on Friday, April 30, 2021.
The Miskolc Zoo opened its doors on August 20, 1983 under the name Miskolc City Game Park. The institution has been constantly evolving ever since, the livestock is also expanding regularly, but now it can show the public one of the greatest developments in its history.
The new reception center now offers complex services to guests of the zoo, who can access the building via two new main stairs and a ramp for the disabled. Another highlight of the current development has been the so-called Sahel Showroom.
In the 200-square-meter complex, a real “desert show” will come to life, a lion will be seen there, but other predatory species in the Sahel area such as the desert lynx will also take place.
In addition, an internal bird's eye view has been set up in the building, where leopard turtles will be placed to present the fullest possible picture of the area's life community.


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