The country is being developed by Fidesz, neglected and stolen by the left!

The country is being developed by Fidesz, neglected and stolen by the left!

👉No, that's not an exaggeration! We are no longer children today, we remember exactly the years when the countryside was forgotten and the cities were almost never developed. Even then we were taxed, there was still "union money", yet almost nothing was built. In return, there was HUF 1,300 billion in debt to local governments, there was an IMF loan, there was 300 billion in debt at MÁV, there was a foreign exchange trap, and much more, but we are reluctant to remember these.

Before anyone says it’s a “snatched example,” let’s reveal that in our latest video, we’ll show you countless improvements like this! It starts with health investments, then education, followed by monument buildings, sports, transport, vehicles, parks, afforestation, settlement development, etc.

And now let’s see what we can report today!

1. Another section of the M85 has been handed over!
Attila Barczawrote: We can already walk on the Bratislava overpass! The work continues, we are moving forward at a rapid pace. The M8️5 opens new horizons for Sopron! You can read more about the investment here:

2. The Eger-Novaj road section has been renewed!
Zsolt Nyitraiwrote: IN THE MIDDLE
After a long wait, the first section of the Eger-Novaj connecting road was renewed, which was realized on the border of Novaj within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program, from more than 170 million forints.
The old desire of the people living here has come true with this, as they have not reached this path since 1974.
Congratulations to Mayors Gábor Demkó and László Böjt!
We continue to work, the roads are being built!
Come on, Novaj! Come on, Ostoros!

3. The Tiszacsegei Fekete István Primary School will be expanded with four classrooms and a gymnasium.
Local sports fans are also looking forward to the completion of the sports facility.

4. Bödeháza has now received a new village bus
László Vighwrote: Within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program, we handed over a 15 million forint bus to Bödeháza.
Congratulations to the mayor and the township for purchasing a vehicle to help residents with their daily lives.

5. The external works around the Miklós Radnóti High School in Dunakeszi are progressing well.
Bence Tuzsonwrote: Terepszemlén with Deputy Mayor Zoltán Erdész
The energy renovation of the Radnóti High School in Dunakeszi is progressing well. I am glad that the students can return to the walls of the already renovated school.
We continue to work for school improvements because when we build a school, we build a future!

6. The cornerstone of a new innovation center has been laid in the town of Kisalföld
Istvan Nagywrote: The name Mosonmagyaróvár has merged with the dairy industry for the last more than a hundred years. It is good to see that the future is also on solid foundations, as on Friday we laid the cornerstone of the center, which is the new headquarters of the Hungarian Dairy Experimental Institute Ltd. in the city. Consumer demand for food is constantly changing, which must be followed by innovation and research and development. This development from HUF 3 billion also serves this purpose.
In detail:


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