Don't stop! Up, to victory!

We defeat our enemies, make no exception with the invisible enemy, not even the virus!

Don't stop!  Up, to victory!

Now we have enough vaccine, from now on we have our destiny in our hands, our future! The government has made every effort to make vaccines available as soon as possible, and now has come the point where it will not be the availability of vaccines that will be the bottleneck, but the willingness to vaccinate. roughly 5 million people are already known to be vaccinated, but that’s still not enough! The restrictions will soon be over, so we all ask you to register for yourself and your environment, your family, if you haven’t already!

It is not the vaccines that are to be feared, but the virus, its serious and possibly fatal consequences. Thousands of people may have lost their lives because they believed in charlatans and anti-vaccination left-wing parties, who partly questioned the existence of the virus and its seriousness, and also tried to undermine confidence in vaccines, Hungarian professionals and the Hungarian health care system. It would be foolish to say that they did not succeed at all, unfortunately there are (few!) Who are still pushing for anti-vaccination propaganda, trying to substantiate their own sick ideas with all sorts of pseudo-scientific nonsense. These people are not only pushing out with them, but also those living in a misconception around them, as when the full opening is done, it will be too late to blame "Zorban"! It will be a vaccine and it will be given to anyone at any time, but no one will force it to force anyone.

To sum up: You are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself and your loved ones. It is a great irresponsibility, especially for adults raising children, to refuse vaccinations! These people don’t think about it, if anything happens to them, who will raise their children? What will be the fate of the orphaned children of such irresponsible parents?
If you are reading this, it is not too late! Sign up!
PS: We're going for the second dose today :)


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