We found “stolen money” again

We found “stolen money” again

👉We help the fake news producers because they have been searching for and distributing nonsense for 10 years, but in the meantime they have not reported any cases yet. This also proves that they are lying, as development resources are protected by very serious domestic and international control mechanisms.

Before anyone says it’s a “snatched example,” let’s reveal that in our latest video, we’ll show you countless improvements like this! It starts with health investments, then education, followed by monument buildings, sports, transport, vehicles, parks, afforestation, settlement development, etc.https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/287195332858965

And now may come today's "bleeding."

1. Finishing work is already under way on the near-border section of the M8. (There will be screams here! Hungarian companies are building!)
Consortium of Danube Asphalt and Mészáros () is building a new road on the new route between Körmend and the Austrian border for almost 30 kilometers.
Work is progressing well on the M8 motorway, the section of which close to the Austrian border will be completed soon - magyarepitok.hu has been informed. The investment of NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. Is implemented by a consortium of Duna Aszfalt Zrt. And Mészáros és Mészáros Kft. The bridge construction tasks are performed by A-Híd Zrt. And Hódút Kft. As subcontractors.
The development of about 62 billion forints started in the spring of 2018, within the framework of the project a two-lane motorway will be built on 28.9 kilometers between Körmend and the Austrian border. This section of the M8 will take place on a new route, divided into two sections:
the 19.4-kilometer section between Körmend and Vasszentmihály is expected in 2021. III. for a quarter,
while the 9.45-kilometer section from Vasszentmihály to Rábafüzes will be built by the end of May.
At the border, we will have to wait for the completion of the Austrian S7 road
According to the information in our paper, pavement construction, hydraulic engineering and traffic engineering works are currently underway on the section between Körmend and Vasszentmihály. The section from Vasszentmihály to Rábafüzes, to the west, is much further ahead, and the finishing works are already underway.
Two major bridges will also be built in the project
One of the longest bridges in Hungary, the 575-meter Vasszentmihály valley bridge, is being built on the Vasszentmihály-Rábafüzes section. The 11-pillar valley bridge will also have 22-meter pillars in order to cross the valley of the Red Creek and the road between Nemesmedves-Vasszentmihály. The track slab was built at the Vasszentmihály valley bridge in nine phases, for which Doka formwork was used.
Another significant work of art is the bridge over the Csencsi stream, which will be created as a nine-span, 300-meter-long overpass with three lanes. During the project, 10.2 hectares of replacement forest will be planted, 336,175 trees and shrubs will be planted. The contractor had to install more than 2 million cubic meters of aggregate in the works.

2. The government has decided: the M100 will be built!
Paul Völnerwrote: The government has declared the issue of the road connecting Esztergom with the M1 motorway a priority, so the work can start faster! Our goal is for families and people working in the area to travel safely and quickly and not be burdened by truck traffic on Route 10!

3. The Reformed crèche in Szentes is already under construction!
The Szentes-Felsőpartti Reformed Parish is building a new three-room nursery in Bercsényi Street in Szentes. The concrete foundation will be poured in a few days and a year is available to complete the nursery. Expected Completion: April 1, 2022
László Gémes Chairman of the Csongrád-Csanád County Assemblywrote: “The construction of the first Reformed crèche in Szentes” was solemnly placed today.
Dr. Csörr Eners, Vice President, represented the Csongrád-Csanád County Assembly at the ceremony.
Nursery construction is the future. It confirms that we have a goal, we trust in the future since
when children are born future is born.
The supreme value of Christianity is love, so it is a special pleasure to lay the foundation stone of this Reformed nursery.
The era of nursery education is of decisive importance in the lives of young children. Creating a loving supportive environment is just as important as the work of early childhood educators.
Thanks to the Government of Hungary for helping to increase the number of crèche places.
We wish you every success in your successful implementation as soon as possible.

4. The Hungarian Village Program also helps Nemeskeresztúr!
V. Németh Zsoltwrote: Nemeskeresztúr - device transfer
My job is to help the settlements, however, this tender could not have come about without the perseverance and professional work of the Mayor. In the life of Nemeskeresztúr, the purchase of professional power machines of this level is a quality leap, as they greatly facilitate the life of the village in performing the necessary tasks. Congratulations on a successful application!

5. The new village bus has arrived in Tékes!
Csaba Nagywrote: The municipalities of Western Baranya had the opportunity to buy a village bus within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program.
The new village bus has also arrived in Tékes, which allows children living in the settlement to be transported to school and the elderly to a doctor, if necessary to facilitate shopping and official administration.
We will continue to develop our settlements!

6. The renovated Ördögárok street pediatric clinic building in Veszprém was handed over! The complete exterior and interior renovation of the health care facility began in the fall and was completed in a matter of days.
Péter Ovádiwrote: The pediatric clinics on Ördögárok Street in Veszprém have been renewed, which we also visited with Mayor Gyula Porga! During the nearly HUF 80 million investment, the exterior and interior of the building part was renovated!
It is very important that we can provide the right modern and high-quality environment for the quality work of doctors and assistants. Thank you again for your sacrificial work!


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